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Pump pressured confetti cannon Answered

I am hoping to build a football pump (or similar) pressured confetti gun, it would fire by pumping air thus making pressure for when you fire it will fire into the air, maybe 1-2 metres perhaps. Any help. Also it needs to be built by october 25



7 years ago

look up potato canon.... and change your ammo and wadding

He might not need wadding - but maybe he should fit a grid to stop the confetti falling back into the valve mechanism?

I'd think that adding a tissue paper wad would be easier and less failure-prone than tryiing to secure a mesh inside the barrel, but maybe that's just me. I have visions of a chunk of hardware cloth whizzing through the air like chain shot....

Meh. I was thinking of something with larger holes, 1/4 inch, that sort of thing.

Im young so arnt brilliant, but it needs to be confetti as its for a party