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Punctuation in Instructables editor. Answered

I'm using a UK mapped keyboard and FireFox and find that I get a couple of problems when posting certain characters. The 'Pound' symbol shows in the thread with a circumflexed 'A' before it, and colons and semi-colons have a circumflexed 'A' after them. Is there a way of getting these characters in so they display correctly? Examples £ : ;


the ascii code, that is without spaces: & # 156 does NOT seem to give us what we are looking for, but some of the ones we can not use, can be displayed this way ~.~

Its an artefact of the site. I've struggled with it for ages, and given up.

I now either say things like "ten pounds sterling" or "10GBP".

The colon and semi-colon are hit-and-miss. For some reason, all these faults are worse in text I copy and paste from elsewhere (for instance, in my recent Still Instructable, I wrote it in Word and then copied and pasted the text into this site. I had to edit it twice to fix the bizarre characters.

It's been reported as a bug (use this link if you want to do so yourself), but I don't think coping with pound-signs and punctuation are high priorities on an American site ;-)

Many thanks Kiteman - I'll work round it.
(I've just discovered superscript by accident.)
You're probably right about the priorities.
I wonder how many Instrucables posters are UK based.

. See my Orangeboard for more info on formatting codes.

There's subscript as well (bracket the text in pairs of commas), strikethrough (pairs of ~). Starting a line with asterisk-space-text gives
  • a nice bullet

Pairs of equal signs, on a line of their own

and a few dashes make a line:

As for UK posters, there are probably only half a dozen active posters, plus an un-knowable number of lurkers. Which doesn't bode well for my planned Instructables event.

I saw your posting on the event. Unlikely that I'd be there as I'm over the other side of the country to you (probably a laughably short distance to our American cousins) but you never know . . .

And I've just worked out what YEC-hunting is. (Please assume an extra large smiley at the end of that last sentence.)

You know, you're the first person here to notice that.

My laptop wallpaper (the kids at school see it every day - not one has questioned it).


I wrote it in Word and then copied and pasted the text into this site. I had to edit it twice to fix the bizarre characters.

An issue that vexes web designers all the time. Apostrophes and other chars are handled differently in Word. Quotes, for instance are "begin quote" and "end quote", rather than a simple quote :-P

I usually resave as plain text, and check "allow char substitution"...