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Punk bike-drill powered? Answered

I have a mini bike I want to power with a Bosch 36 V. Lithium Drill. Can I use the sprocket setup that came with the bike? 


Found my best answer in Make magazine Vol.21 2010. It goes 0-10 mph in 2 seconds with a 230 lb. adult on it. Zoom, bam, crash. The secret lies in the right angle gearbox connected to the 34volt. Bosch drill. It goes 2 miles on one battery. Awesome. All I need is $300 for the drill and $115. for the right angle gearbox. Any donations would be deeply appreciated. (that's never going to happen). Thanks Dude!

Sounds like a cool project. Do it.

To many variables to give a definitive answer.  Maybe?
     If you set the drill in "high torque mode" or whatever Bosch calls it, you have just the right amount of torque to move a person.  You could actually use the chuck to tighten the drill right onto the axel and get 10" tires to move you up to 12 mph.  Using the bikes original gearing could make this better or worse, but also could reduce torque.  It all depends on what ratio its set up with.
     Your biggest concern is burning up the drill motor.  That is a very very expensive drill, which I'm sure you bought for work, so just be careful.  Drill's are designed to get up to speed with no load, then be put under load, not how you'd be using it.  Be extra carefull in "high" mode. Don't over strain the motor.

Bottom Line:
Try "high torque mode" right on the axle or in place of the original engine.
Possibly try "high" in place of the engine, but not on the axle. (to much load)


I still don't know if I can use the pedals and chain with the drill! I can add a gearbox (right angle  with a new sprocket and a nother sprocket that is attached to  a small 9" raer wheeel. I guess I have to experiment and see. Thanks anyway. 

look types up gears systems to add to your bike, drill on axle will not do. After all, a drill is just a bunch of gears, not a motor.  Consider high gears and low gears, maybe  being able to only use one. I'd say go for the lowest gear. You'll never get the speed you want on that puny (sorry but true) drill. You need a gas power motor, or a really big battery. Maybe you should forget the drill and just consider higher speed gears.

It would be a good start.

Dude!  All the answer you're gonna get from me.  You gave few details.  I've got better things to do then outline all the possiblilities.