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Purchased 2 year pro, but my account remains as free Answered

I purchased 2 years pro membership ( 39,99 $ ), but my account is still set as free account, where I can't download anything. 
I payed via paypal, my CC got charged ( March 8 ) and nothing changed.

I wrote to support@instructables.com on Saturday and service@instructables.com on Monday about it, but I haven't received any response from them. 

Has anyone else had such problem, because I don't know if I can cancel that payment now and noone is responding on my emails from instructables?

Please help!



The same thing happened to me! I have tried to get in touch via paypal and have sent two emails to support@instructables.com and nothing. Can someone help?

It depends when you sent the email - most staff don't work weekends - and they generally try to solve the problem before replying.

Did you make sure to include the details of your payment, and use the email address you started the account with?

Hi there, I have same problem right now.

I have payed 2 years membership almost 3 weeks ago, and it was ok (although it was not possible to download PDF, I have waited several minutes but it has never downloaded). Now PRO does not work at all. Can anybody help, please?

If you send an email to support@instructables.com a member of our support team will be able to help out. Make sure to include your username, the date you were charged, and transaction number if possible.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-your friendly neighborhood instructables staff

Hey! I'm sorry, but I do not see an email from you (both service and support filter into the same email for us). Make sure you email from the account you signed up with and we'll be able to look into the issue further.

Tnx for your reply.
I have just sent email again on both addresses, support and serviceinstructables.com, with pdf attachments.
I hope you will receive it now, I have sent it from same email as in previous try. It's gmail account so I don't think spam filters will block the mail. Hope to hear from you soon and thx for your help.

Well tnx for a quick reply now, important thing is that issue is resolved now.

Maybe my mail went to spam filter because of pdf attachments,same thing happened on my business mail, it filtered all the attachments over 1 MB if I recall correctly, though gmails thould go through without a problem.

Thank you and have a nice sunny and inovative week ;)

I'm having the same issue: I just signed up for PRO and my account was upgraded accordinngly. But when I cleared the cache (to make downloading of pdf:s work, which also seems to fail) I have now been downgraded to a free account again. :(

Looks like someone has taken care of it, so you should be good to go with your Pro :)