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Putting an LCD on a stalk Answered

So thinking about ergonomics, I have this idea in my head of computer monitor that's a really light-weight screen on a stalk, like a bendy metal thing that you can position wherever you want so that it's at eye level and you can type without bending your neck all day looking at a laptop screen. The monitor would be wireless and would have a heavy base like a microphone stand so you could position it anywhere and then hang the screen in front of your eyes, whether you're on the couch or a chair or bed or a desk.

But then I was thinking "You know, my laptop's LCD is not that heavy. I wonder if I could just put a stalk on it." :)

Seems like the main problem would be lengthening the LCD cable. Does anyone know anything about the cables?

Better cable pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/56868697@N00/tags/lcd/ (I don't know why Instructables imported them at such low resolution without any descriptions.)


Hmmm, perhaps you could steal cables from other monitors and solder them together into one long cable. Then, steal the bendy bit from a gooseneck lamp and thread the cable down that, and glue or screw it down.

Hehe. I need to see what the connector on the other end of the cable is then.

I've seen monitor cables up to 10ft available, but they use a VGA/HD-15 connectors. You could use them on an external monitor, probably not the special connector used on a laptop display connection. If you were feeling ambitious, however, you could simply snip off the connector and splice in longer wires. My main worry would be signal degradation--I've heard that you're not supposed to run DVI or HDMI cables more than about 10ft, or line losses will cause the signal to deteriorate and give a distorted picture. I don't think that analog (VGA) has the same issues, but I don't know if a laptop connection would be analog or VGA. Attached is an image of a display connector from an old Toshiba laptop that I parted out. It'll be tricky to find an extension for this plug.


Hi,thanks for posting the picture of this connector,I was given an Xerox lcd monitor that had the internal monitor to pc cable cut off an I could not find a cable that had twentyfour wires till you said what you did,that gave me the idea to try an HD.connector,it states that it has twenty four wires so I should be lucky,keep up the good posts, MAC.

Actually. now that I look at that, it looks like an ATA plug. I wonder if ATA extensions are available?

No you don't. Cut the cord in the middle and splice in extra lengths of the cord. :)

Do you realize how much work that would be? There are 88 pins on that connector, and the wires are tiny. It would be much better to just buy a longer cable or connect multiple cables to each other.

I'm trying to help you...you asked now to do it, and I'm telling you one possible solution!

take apart a 366mhz and look at the cords and put it back together like did. that thing was NOT worth $2000+ dollars, Toshiba is full of crap.

remember that, dispite the lack of "much" weight, it will seem heavier to the laptop then it is because of the increased leverage it will have. Thus it will be subject to tipping. Bending the stalk so it is more "over" the keyboard will solve one problem and cause another. Now the screen is a bit close to your face. Hinging a piece to the underside of the laptop, so you can swing it out would help on a table top, but will be awkward in a limited space condition....hmmmm

Hmm... Maybe a double-hinge would be a better idea. Some mechanical person could probably design a nice one that would fold up over the lid of the laptop and allow it to be used in the normal configuration too.

Wow, that looks like a laptop about ready to lay down on it's back LOL

The base is pretty heavy. I don't have an accurate scale, but I think it could be balanced pretty easily. I tend to hold it in precarious positions anyway. It would just be better if the screen were in a more ergonomic position in front of my face.

I still say you should go with the stem of a gooseneck lamp.

Looks like they already have something similar.


No Sorry, you can't do this. The only way it would be possible would be extending the cable and I'm not even sure that that would work. You could use a external lcd plugged into the d-sub port that only way I could see this working. Joe

That's what I was planning on; extending the cable. I wonder if the longer cable will degrade the signal, too, since the card is in the laptop body.

That why I thought it would not work but could think of a way to explain it but is it, that monitor isn't made to be extended so it is possible but unlikely it would work. It's up to you really.

Right, I guess the only way to know if it will degrade the signal is to try it. But maybe if this is a standard internal cable connector a longer cable could be found.