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Pyramid of Candy! Answered

This was put together for my little sister's 8th birthday party :) Just get crafty type foam (like the white type for floral arrangements) and cut circles (or squares or triangles etc.) of decreasing size. Hot glue together....

Then, hot glue on those fun sized candies (just a little dab). You know, the kind you discovered to be not so very fun unless you're eight years old :) This makes it easy for people to pull the candies off and keeps the arrangement nice and tidy.

Vodka and Cranberry Juice for the adults.... kidding :P


a party of 8 year olds and several pounds of candy. do you hate your parents or was it revenge? : )

Naw - it's family ;) If anyone should complain... it's my parents.... Next year -- 3 children in college with a daughter in middle school :P Luckily, we've kept good grades and such to get most of out school paid for on scholarship.

whos the girl in thee back of the table you know the vampire?


11 years ago

Nice! :D

Wow! Looks like a perfect opportunity for an Instructable! What? Someone forgot to charge the camera's batteries?

Yeah... A camera wasn't around when it was made :P