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QUICK!!!! I need to know how to play video games in a car without an inverter! Answered

You read the question, i need to know how to play video games in a car. I am going on a 5 hour trip and tomorrow and need to know how I can play video games in the car.


I hate to say it, but to power a device that runs on wall power (120v AC) with a 12v DC battery is impossible without an inverter. They aren't too expensive, provided you only need a couple of watts of power. Second, once you've got the gaming device figured out, what's going to be your screen? I'd recommend just getting a portable game system and a few games for it. Wouldn't be as much of a hassle.

a laptop or other portable gaming system.

Sony thought of that. PSP. You'd have a hard time running a PS3 in a car without a HEFTY inverter, simply because they can draw a couple hundred watts and your cigarette lighter can't handle that kind of current - it would have to be hard wired.

Do you have anything that accepts a 12volt car adapter? If not then get one. Or get and inverter. They really are cheap now.