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Quad Copter LED Controller? Answered

I have four different colored flexible LED strips on the bottom of my copter.  Presently, my only option is on or off.  I would like to make them flash or do something different.  On each LED strip there are 9 lights and also resistors.  These are the type of led strips that can be cut if necessary.  I know I could go and buy a micro controller but I'd like to try and make something if it's simple and not to expensive.  The power will come from onboard lipo battery. 

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Best Answer 6 years ago

There are lots of flasher circuits available out there, or faders -- but really if you want the remotest amount of customization you want to use a microcontroller. I know the answer gets beaten to death, but an arduino, pic(axe) or other very simple micro would do you wonders.

You could even link to the telemetry uart on your copter's motherboard (if so equipped) and animate the lights based on things like throttle, vectors, or useful info like battery level flashing.

If you only need 4 channels to control, an arduino nano has plenty of IO -- or if you try that new fangled hack to use arduino code on an attiny8 for 4 channels of io...about 3 bucks for the chip and you're set. (*prerequisite is you have another duino to program the attiny)

Since I'm new to all this, but willing to learn, is this what you are talking about?


6 years ago

Here is a couple of circuits and 2 links. One link is an Instructable and the other is an LED calculator


Theres you sever ideas.



Thank you.


6 years ago

We used to build 3 or 4 channel chase light circuits for gaming in
Nevada before the uP using a 555 and one other IC ..

The can chase 1 lite 3 dark, inverse or 2 for 2 forward or back.

A UFO look would be neat on your toy