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Quadcopter without expensive ESC? Answered

Well I am new to quadcopters so please forgive me if I am wrong.
Well I am set about to build a quadcopter and was doing a bit of research on the internet and most of them were telling me to get ESC for controlling the speed of the motor.

I want to know if I can substitute it with something cheaper which basically varies the output using pwm input from the microcontroller(something like opamp)

Another question is about motors ,is it a must that I should get brush less motors
We'll I have two options
Brush less 1500Kv motor for about 30$ each
Normal 24000rpm 12v motor for 6$ each

So which one is better and if brushless why so.

Apart from that how much would a completely finished quadcopter wiegh (approx weight)


so basically you guys are saying that an ESC has got inbuilt gyroscopes and accelerometers

It is super polite to say I have looked but have more questions and Thanks for the effort!

We do this for free.

An escape shouldn't cost all that much and is more then likely cheaper then buying the components. They are essential to give reasonable fine control of the motors as well as integrating to the RC system easily.

You will of course nee a suitable controller. The RC receiver talks to the controller which then works out what the motors are supposed to do as well as supplying gyro and accelerometer facilities to help balance the beast.


Look at their site BEFORE you go any further unless your convinced you know best!

You're getting the driver and the motor for 30 bucks, if you buy on line too.

The power to weight ratio of a brushless motor is MUCH better than a brushed one that's why.