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Quality auto darkening helmet? Answered

Great class, thanks! I got a good used MIG welder on Craigslist but skimped and got the cheapest auto darkening helmet on Amazon ($20). I'm having a terrible time getting the hang of this (I know: practice, practice, practice) but I think it's because I can't really see what I'm doing (positioning the tip properly, watching the puddle, etc). Should I have started off with a better helmet, or do I just need to spend more time practicing and fiddling with the adjustments on the helmet?



Best Answer 11 months ago

I think I've used those helmets before and I thought they worked fine, but the viewing glass is smaller than more expensive welding helmets. It's just a matter of positioning your body around your work so that your line of site is into your welding puddle. Often I find myself completely bent over my work surface so that I can look down and across my welding bead.

I would recommend slowing your feed a bit and seeing if that helps, often beginners get a little trigger happy and its hard to move at the right speed with your wire feed.

Take pictures and ask more questions if anything else comes up :D


3 months ago

A lot is just finding out what position works best for you, but I personally would recommend investing at least $100-150 for a good name brand auto-darkening hood. It's a pricey tool, but it's cheaper than permanent eye damage.