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Quantum physics Answered

wow I was looking for some info on quantum physics and stumbled on this
*cough* nut job *cough*
and check this out *cough*Scam! *cough*



Oh my god, that site is so...


Check out the children's water booklet - trying to tell us that you can change the crytalline nature of ice by playing it music, or showing different phrases to the water before you freeze it. Showing phrases to the water!

Talk about indoctrination! This is trying to teach woowoo to children as fact. It's criminal.

A strong sign of a fraudulent website is the lack of snail-mail address, and the "privacy policy" link is broken.

As near as I can tell, the woman's "qualification" is an online course from a Christian college - since she is abusing that qualification by using it for fraudulent purposes, I have, naturally, reported her to the college. ;-)

LOL - when you leave feedback on their support page, and click submit, the thank you message opens in a new tab, and the message stays there.

I've just written a long complaint on their feedback page, and spent several minutes clicking on the submit button, closing the thank you and clicking on the submit again. And again. And again...

There go another ten...

well the summit thing worked for me(at least i think, i have no way to know for sure). it opened up a new page which is a good sign.

wait no, a new tab just opened in fire fox. it did not get sent.

That may be my fault - I think I've sent about 300 now.

Technically playing loud music at the water as it freezes will affect the appearance of it... That and soothing lullabies will make the water in a fountain become calming...

Have a look at the link - they're claiming that the nature of the crystals themselves will be affected, even by holding up words in front of the water before they freeze it!!

(another twenty)

haha, now that is silly, I can't tell but they look like images of random crystalline structures that water will make above its hexagonal one... I wonder why they don't let you see the feedback...

maybe she started hitting the ice with the piece of paper the words were on lol.

. Hmmmmm. The link (same link in both places) sure looks like SPAM. "?gclid=CLmL1_ik-JQCFQOeFQodKzW9rA" looks like an "associate" ID and the link works without it.
. Since iman has been a "Member Since: May 15, 2006", I'm not going to flag it ... yet.

P.S I fixed the double link the second one is now right. ~matt

The book comes with a freebie called the science of getting rich... Nuff said. By the way I could write a better life improvement book in the space the made their summaries, which are telling of the crappiness...

seems legit :P