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Question....on Workshop of the Future contest(s) Answered

Are there 2 contests named Workshop of the Future? they appear to be different in nature.

THANKS all, for making the Titles and pictures different enough in order to make the two contests less confusing. It is APPRECIATED.



9 years ago

I have had numerous people inform me that they can not vote, as the system is not allowing them access. Can you please look into this ASAP!?

If you look at the Instructable you created after the contest deadline and notice that you left a few minor things out. are you able to modify it? or will this disqualify you from the contest? If it will, can you at least leave a comment explaining the things left out? Would hate to have somebody try and make the project and not be able to fully understand some parts of it. Thanks

Making a correction should not alter the "date" of the submission, so I don't think it will be of any concern to anyone, but maybe you will need to contact those running the contest and be sure.

I'm already starting! Ghetto welding and I already took pics of Teh Shedz

Oop, thats from LinuxH4x0r no LM, she showed me the rules and I forgot to log out

Good. I was kinda... not afraid but... wow :P

Although I have seen one or two women Blacksmiths, and welders, it is kind of rare that they pick that particular career as a goal :-)

Hey, I'm trying to learn to weld. Just not as a career.

Welding using which equipment? Electric or ARC welding is one of the harder ones to pick up. Especially with cheaper equipment. The lower the amperage of the welder, the harder it is to strike an arc, and if you are welding thin metals, you MUST use lower amperage.

Blow torch welding is not exactly the easiest thing either, but you don't have to strike an arc at least. Then there are the types I am not familiar with (TIG, etc.)

Electric, I think. It's a farm welder that plugs into the wall. Frankly, I'm a total moron when it comes to most tools (like a welder). So thanks for telling me a bit about them. :D I really want to learn to use them though.

Yes, the other name for one that uses electricity to weld is Arc welder, because you must strike an arc and maintain the proper distance for the plasma arc to work properly. If you are determined to learn to use it, don't be put off by it. It DOES take everyone a bit of practice to get it right :-)

Follow all the safety rules.....that is high amperage electricity being used :-) and the arc can quickly burn out your retinas without the proper eye shielding. .


9 years ago

I have a question. DO you HAVE to be 18 or older? Or is it only few contests?

You can enter under 18, but the site will need to get permission from your parents/guardians to send you any prizes (or to use your contest in publicity materials?).

Each contest has it's own rules....as was once a popular phrase....your mileage may vary...


9 years ago

to whom at instructables, i hopefully have entered the 'future workshop'contest. i'm confused now as to whether or not i submitted the right way, to the right contest. will ya' lemme know,please. jim

thanks for your reply. i understood i could enter in the catagory of 'future workshops'. the contest stated you can enter pics of your 'workshop' for judging,or the 'workshop'you'd like to have, hence,'workshop of the future'. i figured i had entered correctly but it seems i screwed up. i won't have an intructable until i have a workspace to create one. my intent is to repair/recycle elctric, gas,and metal parts from scooters and bikes and create 'instructables' from the salvageable material. if someone can guide me to the right way i need to go, please, lemme know. thanks again. jim

The contest is moderated - they check entries to make sure they qualify. Keep an eye on your emails for news of whether it has been accepted.

Quick question for you all. Do you have to live in the USA to enter the competition? I have built a working pirate cannon which shoots 2" rubber balls over 200 yds, and currently building a 6foot scaled wagon out of scrap timber. Anyone interested? MERRY XMAS

No, not to enter, but if you want a chance to win, you have to live within the USA, according to the rules set out by Sears/Craftsman

Cool-ness! I'm going to try to enter both contests. While I do have a workshop it's not really anything special so I'll have to make a 'wish I had drawing' instead. : )

Wow, nice. I am still struggling to learn how to use Sketchup presently...

wow man, your model is crazy, and awesome, it's crazy awesome :-P I too submitted one, though mine was simply done using sketchup

Is it just me, or is this your biggest contest to-date?

I haven't a clue. How much was their Laser cutter worth?

I like the Ideas of having contest that get the mind working, and brings out your creativity!

Both contests are fantastic. Congrats on scoring such a great sponsor. This is the kind of stuff that gets me making.

hey goodhart can your tools be digital? like programs ect?

Well, for the Create your own workshop, they have the option of sending pictures of one you have, OR creating one.

sorry for the double post here but I just released a new instructable


9 years ago

What is the general consensus on submitting more than one instructable for this contest?

There are normally only two reasons one could not enter more than once:

#1 if the rules specifically forbid it (which I see no sign of)
#2: if the entry method (if online) will not let you enter two or more.

By the way, did you see that there are now two somewhat different icons for the contests?

Um, no I hadn't noticed.

Sometimes I feel like a fly trapped on the inside of a window, trying to get out.
Every thing that looks 'clear' to me, ends up making my life busier :-) So I have been missing a lot lately, thanks.

And the titles too show your space in the one.....I am glad they did that.

so far this looks like a really kool contest. i have two questions for everybody though: 1. with the recent entries, in what order would you put the entries in, 1 being the best so far to the last one being the least favorite and 2. ive been seeing and ive looked up that if you won this contest and got the 20,000 gift card that you would have to pay the tax. doesnt this make anybody not want to enter the contest? i mean even i a college student doesnt have that kinda money

As far as #2 goes, that is true of almost every contest. With few exceptions, you are considered to be receiving income and so income tax is levied whether it is a $1 prize or a $20,000 or more prize (of course, the one dollar prize will not increase your tax liability, but you know what I mean).

So, if you won, say a $400 certificate, that would increase you tax liability by a small amount and you would be obligated to report and pay the tax. This is always a consideration and concern when I enter contests, too.

but the tax wouldnt outway the prize so you still profit

If you're (leader1) worried about the resulting increase in your federal and state income taxes (if you live in a state that taxes income) then you could simply sell a few tools selected to help you offset the increased taxes. The winner will undoubtedly need to complete a W-9 form.

..IF you sold the product. Most would normally like to keep the prize though. So they struggle to find a way to pay the extra tax on it.

*joins kiteman* *sulks also*