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Question: Has anyone had any trouble concerning the PopUp ad on the Survey ? Answered

Lately, when I sign in (under Fire Fox, newest upgrade) the Survey pops up and runs a script that makes it impossible for me to sign on (it keeps taking the FOCUS off the text input box). I have to cancel it, many times I have to cancel it 3 or more times to get it to go away.

Is this just me, or have others gotten this also...?

UPDATE: Here is a screen shot of the survey I mean...


. In Firefox, go to Tools:Options:Content and make sure "Block pop-up windows" is checked. Make sure insightexpressai.com is NOT in the exception list. . If that's not a real pop-up window, ABP should do the job. Or you can use your HOSTS file or firewall to block insightexpressai.com.

Block pop up windows was checked when I looked......there are no exceptions all should be blocked. :-(

. Then I'm guessing that it is NOT a pop-up window; it's something disguised as a pop-up. ABP will probably do the job.

We shall see then, I have it installed, and have restarted FF. . .


9 years ago

what survey?

It offers from a small popup, when one comes into Instructables initially....before signing in and sometimes when signing out. I have to delete it 3 or 4 times to get rid of it, and leaving it interferes with posting *sigh*

Hi, Goodhart. If you block popups unconditionally (remove I'bles from the "exceptions" list if necessary), then FF will just give you a yellow banner telling you it blocked a popup. You can choose to access it or not from the corresponding little "preferences" button.

FF seems to be set to block all popups, no exceptions....so I am guessing this is outside that realm .

When I get home from work., I will have to look into my settings. . .

umm....im not 100% sure on what you mean, i think you mean this:


my suggestion, use Ad Blocker Plus plugin for firefox


It takes my CPU up to 100% or I would get a screen shot of it it that's not it

umm....ok,....but still, use ABP for Fire Fox...that should help...

Well, I hate to block the ads that the site depends on .... it is just this one that, originally was ok, but now it is a menace.

hmmm....im not sure...what kind of survey is it? Does it have a company name or anything....I think what you need to do is report it in the Bug section....

I haven't seen it on opening lately....and when it occasionally appears on closing, it isn't a problem...

ahh....i see.....i occasionally get those when i would use Internet Explorer......Like i said, ABP would probably be your best chance and shootin them suckers down.....

Well, even with FF popup blocker running, it is appearing, and back to being annoying. It wouldn't bother me if it were like it started out, where I could either answer it, or close it., but now it is invasive and I must click in the tab at the bottom of the page and delete it multiple times to get it to go away.

hmmm....that sounds like it sucks.....maybe try Opera and see if it has the same problem....also if you haven't already, run a system scan of your files for any trojans.....

I have updated this: and now have a screen shot of the survey in question...

. With ABP, you can selectively block ads. You can allow ads when browsing Ibles, but block the really annoying ones.

I just had this same popup the other day (I can't remember if I was on instructables or not, but I think I had opened it in a new tab), and then again today when browsing instructables. I'm pretty relieved to see others getting the same one, as the pc I am using has just recently been formatted and I initially suspected malware to be the cause. (this particular popup can be caused by malware) Also, this popup opens UNDER the current window, as a blank page and only loads the content of the popup when you exit IE. If anyone can confirm it is coming from this site and isn't malware, I would love to hear about it. If I can get an image of it uploaded I'll add it to this comment (my net is capped and slow at the moment, so I may not be able to get it to work.)

Hmm, I can't get it to upload due to my super slow internet, but it is the exact same popup the OP is getting. The address it originally shows is about:blank, but after you exit whatever you were browsing it loads the proper url: core.insightexpressai dot com.

I have adblocker plus on, and I have never seen it, even with it off.

*update* saw it a couple of times; annoying as... well, popups.

I finally was able to cancel all but one of the multiple times it comes up when I sign in, so I could get a screen shot of it.

I've gotten it too! And I've also had gmoon's problem, although only in epiphany and not firefox...

I spent about 10 minutes trying to isolate the ad that causes the popup, yet couldn't figure it out. I *do* think that its something that is triggered when you leave pages, not enter.
I also haven't gotten it recently, so maybe it's been banned...

I got it just before I left for work, but haven't seen it again (I don't get it EVERY time in...)


9 years ago

Haven't see the survey, but Firefox (3.0.5) did lockup entirely yesterday while loading the site. That doesn't happen very often (in fact, I can't recall it ever happening before.)

Overall, the site seems to be loading more slowly for the last week or so... I've been blaming slow ad servers; just a guess.

konqueror 3.5.10 on pentium 3 did not notice any high cpu usage or pop up ad (probably blocked or does not work due to lack of flash installed)