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Question about Contests & Employees Winning? Answered

I just have a quick question. I noticed that people who work for Instructables oftentimes submit their projects to contests. Then their instructables seem to be a lot more popular than regular submitters because they can feature theirs or have more of a following. I am used to contests or sweepstakes being setup so that employees or those associated with the sponsors can't have a part of it - so I am just wondering how it works here - as I noticed staffers participating in them? I don't mean anything negative towards the employees by the way, I just wanted to know how it works and if it is fair for all. Thanks!


Employees are never eligible to win, but we do submit projects to contests to help set the bar and/or show what we're looking for when it comes to projects! We also enter to flesh out the entries and help draw attention to contests.

So while we might show up in the contest entries, we'll never be picked for finalists. :)

Oh ok thank you for the explanation. That makes a lot of sense. Good to know .