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Question about Drama Project Answered

Hello. I live in Japan, where I'm a freelance translator. I help out at an English school two hours a week. The school has an English Drama Festival every December, in which the students perform English dramas.

One of my two classes this year is with two girls in the 8th grade, who are advanced students for their age. Because the class is smaller than normal, we will be doing two comedy duo routines, one from the English-speaking world, and one from Japan translated into English. The native English routine will mostly be a composite of old Burns and Allen routines, with other stuff added.

The Japanese routine involves the use of an "oven toaster" prop. A woman playing a grade school girl puts in a slice of bread to toast, and the toaster door opens automatically and ejects the toast across the room. The third time it blows up with smoke and a flash. To see the routine, please look at the YouTube video embedded at the end.

The part in question starts at around the 4:20 mark and lasts for about a minute. There are no wires that I can see. I would like to reproduce this scene if possible. The toaster falling apart at the end isn't necessary - just the door, the ejection, and the smoke. I can use wires from the toaster to plug into an outlet offstage. I also have a small budget, and I have very basic skills, so I could probably hook up the wires and a switch.

What I hope someone can help me with is how to create that device and effect. I appreciate any advice. Thanks for your time.


Seems more like some kind of pneumatic air device that launches the piece of bread across the room. There may be some kind of electromagnetic relay or motor that opens the door and makes it shake. An electronic flash choreographed to the blowing of some talcum powder or flour would simulate the explosion. Barring the use of remote tripwires which might make things complicated, why not go with the Japanese theatre technique of the puppeteer dressed in black to come onstage to open up the toaster and fling the bread and toss confetti for the explosion? It would probably add to the comedic effect and would up the traditional production value. Good luck.

I look forward to the instructable(s) for this!