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Question about Luxeon Star LED Answered

Ok, so I am guessing many of you know about the Luxeon LED's. I have just one question. Where in the world do you connect the wires from the Battery snap and switch to on the star? Where on the picture below do I put the positive and negative leads? Thank you so much in advance. -Brennn10



11 years ago

LEDs are current sensitive devices so you may want to add a resistor in your circuit to limit current as needed per the Luxeon spec. sheet. Too much current will be destroy your LED. Voltage, within reason, isn't that cirtical but I'd follow specs. anyway. A simple way to limit voltage is a with a voltage divider which is just a couple of resistors . Look online for details. Hope this helps. Ed65

The solder pads! Luxeon's generally have more than one positive and negative each to allow you to spread out the current. Should be easy to determine which are connected if you aren't sure by using a multimeter.

Thanks guys. One more question. Do you think I should use two AA batteries or use a 9Volt and a resistor? The one I am looking into purchasing has a forward voltage of 3.4V, so the AA would work fine right?

AAs will work, but you'll need more than two. Neither of the battery options will last a particularly long time, but three AAs in series will be better than the 9V.

Don't forget to heat sink those suckers ;) They typically won't last long without a good way to dump heat -- which will get expensive quick...