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Question about Remote Control Challenge? Answered

For the remote control challenge, I have an idea for an Instructable to build a type of universal remote controlled by a program running on your computer. I'm not going to give too many details about the project right now, but my question is does the Instructable have to be for a remote controlled device, or can it be for a type of remote control itself? Thanks!



6 years ago

Well, after reading the general description, I interpret the requirements to mean that the device must control something. So if your universal remote is able to control a device, then yes, it should qualify.

"The RC Contest is looking for anything and everything wirelessly controlled. It can be a custom built RC car, a remote controlled light switch, or even a device controlled over wifi. If it is a device that you control without wires, you are good to go."

A staff member can clarify this, if I've interpreted the information incorrectly.


Reply 6 years ago

Even though I read that as being a contest about the devices being controlled, I would happily say that the staff would accept cool projects about devices that control.

(Looking forward to it!!)