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Question about foods that modify urine. Answered

Do you remember the first time that you ate asparagus  (Asparagusic acid) and being amazed at the burning rubber smell that came from your piddle within minutes of eating?

Also I get a Sugar Puffs smell from real coffee and red wee from beetroot (betacyanins).

Recently I have discovered that a handful of fenugreek will give an awful smell reminiscent of maple syrup gone wrong (3-hydroxy-4,5-dimethylfuran-2(5H)); cumin also.

So my question is:  has anybody here discovered any other foodstuffs that do the job?

This is the level of excitement that I'm living to at the moment.

I've just read that fenugreek is used to turn sugar syrup into fake maple syrup.



Best Answer 7 years ago

As an interesting side note, for as long as humans have been eating asparagus it has been noted that there is a small segment of the population whose pee doesn't smell funny after eating it. Scientists spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out why this was, presumably so that they could exploit it (think seedless watermelons and "burpless" cucumbers). Recently, however, they have solved the mystery. They have always relied on self-reporting in their studies to find out whose pee didn't smell, and it turns out that asparagus makes everyone's pee smell, some of us just can't smell it, and so reported that their pee didn't smell. There are several lessons to be learned here...

I have been trying to find out for years why drinking pineapple juice from Trader Joe's, even in a a small quantity like 4-6 oz, will turn my urine a much lighter color for the rest of the day, to no avail. I just found this old post, and thought I'd try to revive it.

I am chronically dehydrated, so my normal color is light/medium beer, but after a small glass of pineapple juice from TJ's my urine is extremely light and uncloudy, the color of "actual" healthy pee. The canned stuff from Dole and others does not produce this effect. I haven't noticed an effect on the smell of it but now I will be sure to pay attention to that with my next glass! So, any ideas on "fresh" pineapple affecting urine color/strength? Anyone? Bueller?


3 years ago

Every time I eat asparagus my urine smells like acetone on my very next trip to the restroom and for the next few trips.

Every time I drink half a pot of coffee (30 oz) my urine smells like bad coffee for a few trips to the restroom.

Every time I eat fresh pineapple (3 or 4 slices) my urine smells like sulfur. Fact is that we bought 6 pineapples at 88 cents each. I have been eating it for the last three weeks and my urine has had this smell every time I go for the last three weeks. It is so bad that I thought something was wrong with me until I read about pineapple and put 2 and 2 together.

Thanks for the feedback . .. how on earth did you come across this four year old question . . . . I will give bulk pineapple eating a go.


7 years ago

I just discovered that rice cracker mix (bulk, from a small chain) produces an odor, too.

pineapple makes ur pee smell tropical and if you dont drink anything all day in the heat your pee will be extremely dark(do not try this sign of dehydration just said it for the sake of it)


7 years ago

You smell your pee?

Yes Sir! I do happen to have a very good sense of smell though but try eating some asparagus and you'll smell your pee whether you want to or not, (unless you are one of the oblivious, unlucky people mentioned by aeray).

Some green food dye will turn your pee surprisingly green.   Not all of them will do it, but some will.  I think it's probably the cheaper food coloring that does the trick since I've seen it happen from cheap St. Patrick's day green beer and also from dirt cheap Chinese food where they dyed the 'greens' green.

The antibiotic Rinsapin can turn urine green or blue.

Having a kidney stone can turn your urine blood red, but that's only for extreme sport urinators.

Apples / cider (in a large quantity)


I was on a course once with copious good coffee and fresh orange juice on tap, which I took full advantage of. The urinals were very brightly lit and the resulting wee stream looked as if it was fluorescent.


I know that taking Vitamin B supplements turn your urine a darker shade of yellow, almost orange.

And slightly related, tea and lemonade are both strong diuretics, hence causing a lack of color in urine, since it has less time to process in your body.

I've heard of pineapple juice producing an effect, but have never really noticed (don't eat pineapple very much.)
I have noticed asparagus and coffee.

In SMALL doses, methylene blue gives you blue/green urine. Don't take if you are pregnant.

Dear Frollard,  

Thank you for the reply; Despite not being pregnant I was really looking for natural foods that have an effect.

Kind Regards FOH

Agreed...It was the only thing that came to mind :D Pineapple is supposed to have an aroma effect...