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Question about pictures that have been uploaded to your Instructables' Library. Answered

Do you save them or do you delete them off your computer... or?

I've got nearly 1,700 pictures saved on my computer and the voice in my recipe box asked me why that's neccessary . ;-)

I don't know that it is neccessary, which is why I'm asking I'm asking all of you!



6 years ago

I have a library of over 1450 pictures that are tagged

Tags like "ckt", "LED", "Art", "Magnet" and short tags for present
and upcoming ibles. 

Then when I have a pic that answers a weird question it gets tagged
as an "x" meaning it is to be erased.

After erasing or deleting some old x tags my neat library of tagged
pictures is now all mixed.  The tags are no longer pulling up all the
desired pictures making it ( the tags ) totally useless.

That's Data Bases for you. After all it's an impossible world...:-Þ


6 years ago

Deposits and uploads are not guaranteed by the FDIC to guard against loss, theft, misappropriation, corruption of files, unforseen corporate mergers, wonky system upgrades, site updates, corrections, and eventual rollback of said systems or acts of invisible entities and powers that be, zombies, or other causes beyond their control.

So yeah, always a good idea to have backup. Get a portable usb harddrive or write them to a dvd/cd.


6 years ago

Once you've uploaded them to your library, you can do what you like to the files on your computer, it won't affect your library.

However, the site doesn't make any promises to store your images forever, so it's unwise to delete images you may need again.

(1700 photos on your PC is not many - I came back from my last holiday with 4000 photos, and I have nearly 50Gig of photos on my PC hard drive.