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Question about receiving prizes Answered

I won a prize in a contest recently. I received a message saying my prize was being shipped out a little over a month ago, but I have yet to receive it. What is the average time to receive a prize after it has been shipped?



Well it has been over 8 weeks now and still nothing. I emailed service@instructables.com earlier this week and have not received a response. How long does it normally take to hear back after emailing them.

You should get an auto-reply when you emailed service@, if not you may have typed the address incorrectly. Please remember to include your username, the contests in which you are referring to, and the project you entered in your email.

8 weeks is typical for some prizes to be shipped, and there are external logistic factors that are beyond our control that may also increase prize shipping time.

Typically, up to around a month, but it can be longer if sponsors are slow getting prizes to HQ.

If you're worried, send an email to service@instructables.com.


Takes about 4-8 weeks to ship out. If you haven't received it after 8 weeks email service@instructables.com