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Question about speakers and amps? Answered

Okay, so I want to build a set of two-way speakers. BUT, I'm still confused on this one part. Do I need an amp, or some kind of receiver for them to work? Or can I plug them straight into the device? Thanks for your help, sorry if this is a dumb question.


Quick answer:

If the device doesn't drive speakers now (only uses head/earphones or is used as a source to another amp or piece of equipment), you will need an audio amp to drive them.



7 years ago

A lot of the speaker sets have the amp built into them. That is often why they are a better deal than just the bare speakers.

Well, since he is building them himself and is asking if he needs an amp, chances are they are not amplified. And even if you get one of the cheaper high powered ones, they are usually lacking in full range quality, not to mention that the power specs are most likely 10X over-rated. For the best enjoyment of a home built pair of speakers, get a real amp. You can find pretty good older ones at swap meets, yard sales, 2nd hand stores or even pawn shops. The real bonus to this is you get radio (AM &FM) along with other inputs, and you get tone controls. (Technically this is an amplified receiver, not an amp. An amplifier is just the part that takes the low level signal and magnifies it to usable levels for the speakers.)