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Question about the full-screen teleprompter? Answered

 I made a quick teleprompter based on yours as a guide, but made mine from black foam core instead of wood, and it's as strong as can be (and acts as it's own blackout device because it reflects very little light. And it works awesomely except for one thing. The glass on mine (just regular picture frame glass like yours) reflects a double image back at me, I presume from both glass surfaces. How did you manage to not get a double image, which on mine makes the text really quite hard to read. I was thinking of going to a glass shop and replacing it with a piece of one way glass, but you used regular glass and apparently have no problem. Just wondering if you know why or have ay explanations for me on this.


Yes - as Re-Design says you need to comment on that particular instructable.  A thought:  There are types of glass designed to reflect from only the inner surface - check that out, or look for some window tinting materials that make the one surface more reflective.

This looks like a question directed at an instructable.  You would be more likely to get the correct answer if you posted to the comments section below the instructable.

The author might not frequent the answers forum.