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Question: does anyone know if there is an aluminum pipe expander over 6" in diameter Answered

I would like to find a portable aluminum pipe expander a half inch over 6" for repairing aluminum irrigation pipe or any other ideas about how to repair them. thanks ron fancher


Jack A Lopez

3 days ago

I have seen pipe expanders for car exhaust plumbing.

You can see them too, or rather pictures of them, by asking your favorite search engine to show you pictures of: pipe expander

Like so:


The shape kind of looks like a pie, cut into wedges, but taller.

Maybe, a log cut into wedges, is a better analogy.

Also there is a bolt that runs through the center, and that bolt draws together two cone-shaped pieces, and the cone shaped pieces push against the wedges, effectively making a cylinder with radius that can expand by turning the bolt in the center.

The reason I am explaining it in detail, is because you might have to build one, if you cannot find one big enough to expand your, circa 6 inch diameter, irrigation pipe.

I am guessing you want to make a kind of bell-shaped end on one of these pipes, so the end of one pipe can be inserted into another.

There might be other ways to do this. I mean, ways to make a coupler to to connect one pipe to another.

Also you will have more freedom regarding ways to do this, if the coupler does not have to seal perfectly.

If a little bit of leaking water can be tolerated, there are all kinds of imperfect ways to join two pipes together.


4 days ago

For a quick repair job I misused some hardwood.
Was a round log with a bit more in diameter than what I needed.
Used the drill press and a spare chuck to hold it and a normal wood chisel to shape the end.
One side to press the outer edge out to prevent it from cutting into the wood, the other end with a double taper to get the pipe expanded from inner to outer diameter.
Takes some bashing and preferably two people though.


4 days ago

If there is anywhere a topic can be found it is through instructables, i will surely be appreciative if anyone has an idea about this. thanks again