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Question for you computer wise people Answered

Yeah suppose i wanted to creat a macro to cut yews on runescape then go and bank them. How would i do this? What programs would i need? For those who dont know what runescape is I need it to click on something specific a few times then go and click on something else and take the profits of the original clicking and deposit in the opened window of the second clicking.


im pretty sure u need microsoft word


11 years ago

The thing is you'd have to only run it for a few minutes maybe, because of lag and crap. It would eventually get behind and next thing you know you're in the wilderness getting pwned by level 70s.

The short answer is: No, not possible. Long answer: You can't do this as the screen and the game's window posistion is a variable that could easily change, so no one has made software for this purpose. Second, again, no one has made macro software to do that, if it's for key strokes, then yes that is possible. But you want it to click one thing, then another. Sorry, not happening

It is possible I say, but you would have to allow for lag and other crap like that, considering if it was a mouse macro. It would have to be timed. Punkguyta, there are plenty of macro programs that let you record via mouse or keyboard, so I really can't see why this isn't possible.

I doubt that would be appliable to this situation. Perhaps if he found the keyboard equivelent of the action? I know most games like that have to have a keyboard equivelent to most commands/actions you can access on the screen SOMEWHERE

Not what I mean. I mean, I have a macro recorder that lets you act out the actions and then repeats it in macro form. I mean it will automatically move the mosue to each button on the screen and clicky.

Hmmm, I was wndering, any way you would/could get that to me

Ummm...try searching google for macro recorder, or aldo's macro recorder. I never really use it for anything though. You should probably look for a freeware one. The shareware ones usually have a lot of limitations (conisdering how simple they are) or nagging window things that popup when you activate a macro.

It's no problem, don't know till you ask right?

It may be possible, after all, they have bots for games such as diablo