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I didn't see a Feedback category, so if this isn't in the right place, please move it.

In Q and A, the line is "Don't be shy.....ask it."  OK.  And we've all heard that there are no stupid questions, right?  But if  ibles is trying to encourage honest (non-troll) questions,  rating a question as "Worthless"  has the opposite effect. 

Maybe the question has limited interest. Maybe few people view it.  Maybe fewer people answer. These are neutral characteristics, and perhaps they are criterion by which someone judges the questions.  To call a question "Worthless", however,  is a real slap down and not in keeping with the idea of  "be nice".  

I see that my questions are sometimes rated "Worthless,"  and,  yeah, I feel bad when I see that. ( Maybe I'm too dumb for ibles?  Maybe I don't measure up to ible standards?  Maybe I'm not really welcome here??) 

I ask  questions because I want answers, and this community  is full of helpful people who have useful experience and good ideas.   Despite the worthless  ratings,  I'm getting useful answers from the community and intend to keep asking. 

If only authors can see the ratings, is the intent to berate us into asking better questions?  Constructive criticism  might be more effective.  If everyone can see the ratings, is the intent to guide readers away from "worthless" questions or to shame the authors into going away?


To be honest, the rating system is barely used here, compared to, say, YouTube.

Personally, I think that's a good thing - comments that two or three people take the time to actually type out and post have much more value to me than a dozen or more casual clicks on a star, whether those comments are positive or negative.

"the rating system is barely used here"

That's not true at all. The rating system is used here a lot and is referenced by Google when people search for stuff. The rating system might not be as important for Q&A but definitely has an impact with Instructables and Forum Topics.

I just randomly clicked around recent projects, and it got to the sixth before any had been rated.

I also recall, when the number of ratings used to be displayed, projects were rarely rated by more then three or four people.

How a user looks for star ratings on a search (like you just did) is different that how a search engine looks for star ratings, and both of those are different than how someone who is looking at two similar projects open on different pages will view the ratings.

Star ratings are an important part of how projects are ranked and there's a more going on behind the scenes than what most users see..


5 years ago

I can finally get logged in here. Yay!

AND canucksgirl has cast light upon all this...

So it seems I must be touching the edge of one of the stars with the mouse and somehow making .05 Worthless stick while I stay on that screen.

I humbly accept the Dim Bulb Award of the week. Geez. ...I've been busily kicking a rock and wondering why my foot hurts. (if I knew how to do it, there would be the little figure banging it's head on the monitor in this space)

My thanks to one and all.

Your question was actually NOT rated by anyone. (That's why it says "not rated").

I'm guessing that you looked under the 'stats' tab and saw that it has a "0" for the rating, but technically ALL questions are rated as "0" from the start (so are forum topics and Instructables).

I hope that this clears up the confusion. There was nothing wrong with your question. (I also had replied to you about this, but I guess you did not see it).