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Questions about Homemade stickers Answered

Hello fellow craftsmen!

I have a few questions I'd like to get some clarification on if anyone has tried the Instructable by SirBrittanicvs for Homemade stickers.

1. Can this instructable be applied to pencil/pen drawings without distorting the image? Or must the stickers be printed out by the printer? I'm just worried that the pictures will get smudged do to the mixture of glue and vinegar.

2.) After appliying the adhesive to the paper how long can the stickers be stored before the adhesive is ineffective?

There was another question I wanted to ask, but I cannot remember it at the moment. But I appreciate any further assistance with this Instructable before I begin and mess something up, haha. Happy New Year everyone!


Since you are using the generic water-based white school-glues, it does have potential to smear pencil marks or bleed pen inks if you coat it or wet it with too much glue. The paper can warp too. Try a few thin coatings to minimize any effect. I guess it would store well if kept dry and out of humid conditions. Maybe put between wax paper or plastic wrap to keep them separate. Btw, I think postage stamps are coated with some kind of spore powder to keep them dry and loose - so don't lick your stamps! Experiment and tell us what happens. Good luck.

This might take me a few days to actually get started, but when I do I'll post back here.

Would you recommend another type of adhesive rather than the School-glue, or would I just have to use very light amounts of the mixture to prevent smudging?

Thanks again.

There is a product called mod-podge, the art of decoupaging. I know my carpenter glues dry water-resistant so stick with the elmer's or generic white glue. It is supposed to gum back up when water is spritzed on them in order to stick. Just try it out. Then again, you can get double-sided tape and use packaging tape to laminate the top side to make a nice sticker.

I have also thought of double sided tape, but the question there is how do I preserve one side of that tape until I'm ready to peel it off for use?

That regular use double-sided cellophane tape that looks like scotch tape does not come with a backer but I would recommend you get a roll of double-sided carpet tape at the home center. Much cheaper and better value for the amount you get. A roll of it has a liner on one side so you stick it and then peel off to stick on your surface. The adhesive is pretty heavy duty but still a thin tape.

Does it matter how much glue to vinegar I mix? I would like to make a big jar of this mixture that way I do not have to keep measuring out amounts whenever I need it.

That instructable says 2 tbsp of glue to 1 tbsp of vinegar, but he also mentions making a lot of it but without giving bulk measurements.

Thanks again, and sorry for all the questions.

I have not done this but it looks like 2:1 glue to vinegar ratio. dunno if the stuff keeps or reacts on itself after time. Scientific measure of two scoops of this, a scoop of that. Guesstimating is part of the fun.

So I tried my hand at this Instructable, and I followed everything correctly. For every 2 tbsp of glue mix in 1 tbsp of White Vinegar. Put one coat on the back of the sticker horizontally, let it dry, then put another on vertically, and let it dry. I put a heavy book on top of the sheet with my gaming computer on top of that. Let it sit for like 20 minutes, then put on the packaging tape to cover the artwork.

The only problem I'm having is that the water isn't making the glue sticky...it gets a little gummy, but the stickers want to curl up rather than stick. I can force them onto a surface and they seem to stick for the most part, but the corners are not lying down flat, and there's water spots. Is there something I'm doing wrong?