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Questions about Sugru Answered

Until finding this site a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of sugru. Then when I first saw it mentioned here, I think the name put me off - I kept thinking sugar craft / marzipan. Anyway, after looking around the site a bit more thoroughly, I've since discovered that this product looks extremely interesting and something I definitely want to try.
Which leads me to a few questions.
Is it available in shops, or do I have to order it online - more specifically, if it is available in shops, where in Australia would I get it?
One use I saw for it was to take the place (sometimes) of poly clay in my modeling. One method I use is to make a ball out of foil and cover this with polyclay. Then after cooking, I cut a small area out of the clay (usually while it's still warm and not quite completely cured) and pull the foil out. This leaves me with a hollow vessel. So I'm wondering if I use Sugru, would I be able to cut a piece of the model out (maybe before it hardens completely) and will I be able to remove the foil or will the sugru stick to the foil.
Another question. I see that the coloured sugru can be combined to create new colours. Has anybody tried successfully using paint or some sort of pigment to colour the sugru?




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these are good questions, Ive been reading about sugru for weeks thinking of ideas to use it for and haven't stumbled across anything that would answer these questions. and anyway, maybe they want to have trustworthy and friendly instructables people answer their questions rather than a random joe sixpack with a blog. In any case, youre the one who wasted your own time with snarky comments. The only real time that was wasted was Twinmum's (who is a *PRO* on here now) by having to read through your comment. Thank you for helping to make the internet an unfriendly place. The next time you see someone asking questions how about you try and be a little helpful? or at least move on to doing something selfish instead of climbing up on your high horse.

dude, this thread is a couple of years old.

yeah, that Hulk thing is a burden sometimes.

Thanks guys for those answers.
Kiteman - I was beginning to think online was the only way. I just didn't want to order some today and have to wait a week or so for it to arrive then find out in a day or so that the local craft stores might stock it. And I had checked out the main site, but still had a few questions.

steveatrouk - what a great idea. I guess I'm going to have to get out of the polyclay frame of mind that formers and such need to go in the oven too.

BrittLiv - great, I have oil paints, so I think I'll get some white to play with first.


You need to order online.  There's a free global postage offer on as I type.

Sugru.com has lots of information about the product (doh), and the folk there are very helpful answering questions that are not covered on the site (I met the Sugru folk at the Newcastle Maker Faire a few weeks ago - very nice people).

If you would like to find out more about dyeing sugru, check out my Kenny ible (you can also use oil paint instead of silicone paint). You can easily cut sugru with a knife after it's cured, it will not stick to the foil. If you want to prevent sugru from sticking to other surfaces you can use petrolem jelly.

Snce Sugru cures cold, you could make your hollow vessel with a piece of wax in the centre, then melt it out.