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I haven't logged in for a while, and now am having trouble finding things. specifically, I'm not seeing the favorites button.

I'll be the first to admit that there are times I'm completely blind, and miss what's neon and blinking right in front of my eyes, and this may be one of those times. Could someone please explain how I favorite things now?

Thank you!


Aha! it was in front of me the whole time! thank you much!

Now how to Best Answer please ?

When you ask a question all the responses to that question have a button that will allow you to select it as the best answer.

Thank you TS.

I would like to go back and edit some of my comments..

Hey ! If you go to an instructable that you'd like to favourite, and scroll down, a bar will appear along the top of the screen. This bar includes such things like following the author, favouriting the instructable , jumping to the comments section and other ways to share :)