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Questions about the new contest setup. Answered

So I guess someone had a bright idea to change the contest page, and it DOES look a lot better, but where are the contests that are in judging? I liked that with the old one you could go to the bottom of the contest page, and there would be all the ones that are closed, the ones that are being judged, and the contests that have the all the winners. Did this feature get removed on this new contest page?


It just says "in judging".

I liked going over the winners of closed contests. Now I think I can do this only through the archive, making it a bit more difficult. I think.

I agree; I often want to follow up on contests that I entered or was watching, to see who won, and now I have to go to the "Archive" which has closed, in judging, current, and even future contests all together in the same orange text and it's a big hassle to find what I'm looking for :-(.

I've set a reminder for myself once a month to check the archive for contests that started two months before (July, now). If the contests still hasn't closed, I save it to Pocket (Chrome extension) to view it later.

Part of this release was also the ability to sort instructables by contest winners in explore. You will see further down the contest page a section of winners across contests, and from there you can check out the full set. While it doesn't provide details on what place was won or what contest, if looking to browse all winners at once it's much easier than clicking through individual contests. From instructable pages, you also can click on the award icon in the top right corner to bring you to the contest that was won.

I agree with your idea I do not like the archive

the /contest page no longer has dividers for open/judging/closed contests.

the closed contests that have winners selected are found on the contest archive page linked at the bottom


and contests that are in judging stage are listed as "0 days left to enter" on the /contest page still.

Got it. I think I still like the old one a bit better cause it had that feature.

I also liked the old contest layout, since it allowed us to choose which contest winners we wanted to look at in more detail. The new layout only allows us to "Explore Winners" overall, and without manually sorting through the Contest Archive to see which contests are actually completed, discovering specific winners becomes harder now. Perhaps we can get this topic thread bumped, and have the website admins re-implement some sort of sorting layout once again?


How about sorting the contests by the amaount of days they have left too?

Why they in this hard(er) to read font? Also, almost all of the 2016 contests and before lead to the front page.

Want back.... dividers for open/judging/closed contests. Also could mouse and see deadline dates.