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Questions on using this Site - Please Help Answered

I see no real Help anywhere on this site, other than one Instructable on How to create Instructables - but it was all ettiquette and fomr tips. Even the "Help" link takes you to a "Guided Tour" that tells you very little. These things should be explained to all who join. Please tell me the answers - and thanks !! - how can I delete files from my Library - initially I uploaded 3 meaningless test pics and I see no option to delete - how the "Tags" work and what they are for - I see an option to "View by Tags" or "View by Filetype" - why should I view by filetype? - do you "have to use Tags" to refer to your files - or can you use the filenames instead - how to post up multiple instructables, where you may end up with over 100 image files - and separate the files for each in a logical manner (i.e. can you have more than one Library per user, can you make Folders in your Library, etc) - what is the max limits on an Instructbale: i.e. number of pics limit, size of pics limit, kByte total limit - how to link in files from your site if possible - how to use the "Link" and "Video" buttons in the messages without them popping up to the top of your message - this is the only site that I frequent that is very very slow - especially when I click a page with a buncvh of comments - I have to wait quite a while before I can scroll down. Anyone else have this problem? I have great speed on virtually every other site I visit - but this one is alway slow. The inner-workings of this are not cleat or obvious to me, and I certainly have been working with websites and forums for a lot of years. Even 1 page of directions would be greatly appreciated.


I made some changes to video handling in Firefox.
Playing videos was choppy until I changed everything over to different player.
I didn't change anything other than videos to the player.
As far as I know, no Javascript things were changed, other than for video.
But since I changed the settings I can't change between pictures on a step.
What do you think I did?
What happens when I click pictures?
What is the process?
To help I installed Firebug.
I'm going to check out the tutorial on Firebug, so no info from it now...

I've also noticed there's an issue with swapping images in the same step. I've had success with saving my work, moving to another step, then coming back and trying again. Alternatively you can remove the image and force a reorder that way.

In my case, I'm just looking at an Instructable and trying to look at the other pictures under main one on a step...

I restored all the video handling settings to their defaults.
No change I still can't click on the next picture below the first picture on the step.
The frame turns orange but nothing happens when I click it.

For information sake. I can access everything just fine if I use AOL...


7 years ago

when you embed a video im not sure how, caan you help plz?

You need to first have the video uploaded and running on some other site like Youtube( you have to set up an account there). Grab the embed code(you must select the "use old code" button on youtube for compatibility) and insert that on the video link(filmstrip button) when you go back in to edit your instructable. Good luck.

thx that should help seeing as i already have a youtube this shouldnt take long

Also, check out the Instructables within the Instructables Help group - many of your questions are answered there - How to delete images for example.

Is there a search to find things on this site? I only see the one that sends you off the site on google...

That's a google-powered search of the site.

This site is new to me. It looks both interesting and useful. I registered and attempted to both comment and post a question. Neither endevour was successful in getting past the first section, leaving me unable to activate the third section of "submit". Is there not a simple run-through to guide the novice through the steps needed to post? Help seemed to reference only more advanced or specific, detailed user uncertainties- not general, entry level problems, and appeared to assume there would not be any users unable to get their foot in the door by posting.

Hello: My name is Charles and I am 51 years old,all of this Computer Technology is all NEW to me as I am OLD SCHOOL if you know what I mean.I have had a Nervous Breakdown due to Stress,and have lost a lot of my Technical Memory.I am trying to pick back up on the Electronics for a pass-time,but things don't seem to make sense like they did before.I wanted to know how I can ask questions I have about the Electronics I am wanting to work on.As of right now,I need to see if someone can explain when using OHM's Law (Power is equal to Voltage of your Input times the Current needed in your Circuit).I have a 3 Watt Red L.E.D. which should run at 2.5-3.0 Volts with a 700 Milliamp Current.If using a 3 Volt supply times .700 would equal a 2.18 Watt Power for the Resistor.That does not sound right to use a 4 Ohm - 2 Watt Resistor for a 3 Volt Input.Is this really right or have I gotten confused somewhere?Thank you very much if you can help me out,Sincerely Charles.

I have a question about this site; what are forums for?

Talking about anything you like. You can post forum topics within groups, and moderate them if you like.

Hi, How do I change my screen name?Can you help me out Please...

hey ewilhelm for some reason when I try to make a forum it keeps telling me to add a topic, so I looked all around and saw I did put something in the topic area that said topic. if this is just me maybe a help for making forums should be added cause otherwise I don't know how to do this

When you want to start a new forum thread, you need to submit a new topic (menu at the top of the screen). You will see that it says "Topic" in black, and "Topic" in orange; replace the orange word with the title of your thread. Try and make the title as clear and obvious as possible, so that the right people will respond in the right way.

nvm it is workin again

eWilhelm - I use IE so the plugin won't work for me. I did read that this site is optimized for Firefox - however from a raw download of an HTMK page, unless there is a special Firefox ONLY function embedded that IE is having trouble with - then the speed should be about the same. I guess I should re-download FF and see for myself. lifeson

- this is the only site that I frequent that is very very slow - especially when I click a page with a buncvh of comments - I have to wait quite a while before I can scroll down. Anyone else have this problem? I have great speed on virtually every other site I visit - but this one is alway slow.

Everyone here uses the same servers to view the site as you do. So, when something is slow and not working right, we tend to notice and try to fix it. However, your personal experience is what matters to me, but it's really difficult to know where the problem lies if I'm not at your computer. So, to help us out, and forgive me if this sounds like a non-answer, download the Firebug extension for Firefox, turn it on, click the "net" tab, and tell me exactly how long it's taking for what pages to load.

It's possible our servers or ad servers behave differently due to your location. Firebug will help us figure that out.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like for me.

Snapshot 2007-06-05 11-38-06.png

- Tagging your uploaded pictures isn't required. It just makes it easier to manage them. - Tags are for the purpose of seperating your pictures in a logical manner. - I don't know of a limit on the number of pictures, but the size will be adjusted for web display. The original size can still be accessed through the "i" button that appears in the upper-left corner. - Files can be uploaded into an Instructables step or you can use the Link button to add a link to your own server. - The Link button will place the link inline where your cursor is currently placed. - The Video(s) will appear in their own window at the end of the step, but before the pictures. I haven't noticed a significant slowdown with many comments, but my ISP gives me over 6Mbps connection. The best way to learn to build an Instructable is to try it. It's really not that difficult. You should have the hang of it at about the 3rd or 4th step.


11 years ago

You can't use HTML, so you can't have any custom commands. There was a page I found a link to on this site that showed all the commands you can use in the text. Don't remember what it was though.
'''How to do the link command:''' ''one of these [''exact address of page to link to'' ''displayed name of link'' ''one of these ]'''''How to do the video command:''' ''two of these [''Video(''exact address of page on YouTube with desired video'', {width:''width of displayed video in pixels'', height:''height of displayed video in pixels''})''two of these ]''