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Quick-vite idea Answered

*UPDATE 2-15-11* If you are good with cell phone apps and website building and you would like to use my idea please message me. If you do make this all I ask for is a very small cut of the profit, but I really doubt anyone would want to make this anyway. Well, if you do just send me a private message and we can talk about it. Keep in mind you still may NOT TAKE MY IDEA UNLES I LET YOU! IT IS STILL COPYRIGHTED BY ME!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my idea for a possible website I will be making in the future. I got the idea recently when my mom wanted to invite people over to the superbowl and sent out the emails that day. Many people didnt respont because, lets face it, many people dont check their email more than once a day. My idea would be a website based service that you could sign up for for free or become a member for a monthly fee. How it would work is you could type up your message and then send it to a pre-saved group of all the recipients phone numbers, and from there numbers could be added or removed. The site would then send a text to all of the recipients with instructions on how to respond. It would be something like "I'm having a b-day party at my house. 3:00-6:00 at 52 blah blah road. 'reply the number of people followed by y for yes, n for no, or m for maybe. ex. 3y 2n' " Then the results would be replied back to the website where it would compile a list of who and how many could and could not go to the event. Since sending the texts would cost some money it would have to be made up by advertising space as well as limiting the amount of invites allowed to be sent by the free users. Members benefits could include increased invites per month, more recipient groups allowed to be made, and a feature where you could text your website number from your cell phone and it would update you with how many people could and could not go. Since I'm only 16, I would not know how to create this site or be able to spread the word very well, so I would just like feedback on the idea for now. Please tell me what you think about the idea, and if you think its stupid be honest and tell me. Thanks :)

And if you take my idea and start making money off of it, I will press charges. I emailed this to myself to sort of "copyright" it and this forum topic will not be edited ever so this will prove it's my idea as well. So please don't steal my idea.


There are already sites and companies that do this, in face their scope is much wider, the tech they use to text etc. is also used as an extension to web forums as an offline element.

Oh I didn't know that...but I did just do a quick google search and all of the sites I found send the message straight from the computer and usually cost something rediculous like $1 per person for the text. I'm not sure if you read my comments below but this would almost forward the message through your phone so it is actually the phone sending the message.

You could just send a bunch of mobile phone texts...

That is true but what this allows is some kind of application that sends the messages to much larger groups and it would also compile the feedback into one place. The whole point is for added convenience.

Yeah I've heard of that site before, but i believe they only send invites via email, which is the whole thing I was trying to avoid. It's great for a party that you've had pleanty of time to prepare for and sent the invites out a week before, but I'm trying to target last minute invites, whether you forgot to send them out or your plans changed and you wanted to have a few people over. Anyway thanks for the input and I'll definantly be working on it some more.

.  Not something I would make use of, but it doesn't sound like a bad idea. The potential for abuse is great - having ppl opt in to receive messages might help.

Yeah that could be a possiblilty. but as I said I am still working on the idea to hopefully protect it and get some kind of bussiness out of it.

Such a site, and said app would have to be UBER secure, or all those numbers would become available to anyone curiuos enough to break into the web site.

hmm that's true. Maybe if the site sent the text to an app on someone's phone which you could then send to as many people as you wanted from your phone. Then the results would be sent to your phone and the results could be compiled on an app there. That would eliminate any phone numbers from entering the site except for the user's number which would be password and firewall protected. I don't know too much in detail I'm still trying to work out the bugs but thanks for the input