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Quilt-in for charity Answered

Want to make beautiful quilts for charity? Host a quilt-in event!

Author auntwrenny tells us how the Crafting for Charity Club holds a quilt-in every year, getting a bunch of crafters together to make quilts for groups in need.  This past year, they made an incredible 15 quilts in 12 hours, then distributed the quilts to homeless people in the Des Moines area.

See the Instructable for suggestions on publicizing, organizing, and running your own quilt-in!  Auntwrenny covers everything from soliciting donations, setting up different quilt-making stations, great jobs for kids, and the importance of keeping your volunteers well-fed!

Inspired?  Want to run your own event?  Have other great ideas for charitable crafting?
Be sure to leave a question or comment on the Quilt-In Instructable!

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Very good work by children and that also for the noble cause everybody should appreciate it.