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Quit whining about all the similar guns! Answered

There is a very simple solution to the problem. Build better guns. When better guns pop up, more people are inspired to "one-up" them. I never would have made my OSNJCKMA2 if it hadn't been for mepain's shifle. So, if you want to see something better, try building it yourself. Get organized. There are WAY too many k'nex gun groups. I for one, refuse to monitor ALL of the forums for the groups I joined (without thinking). If we get all of the members into one group, we can be much more organized in our idea swapping. Standards. If we can create a standard set of components, it will be easier to integrate new innovations. This is especially true for magazines/hoppers. People should feel free to break the standards if they are in the way (special ammo guns and pistols come to mind), but for your standard issue battle rifle, we need some structure. There's my rant. Fire away.


its annoying!!!

Your guns instructable isnt finished and i wanna make! can u pm me the instructions? PLZ???PLZ???????????


11 years ago

hmm... when will you add more steps?

i mean for osnjckma2