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Quotation mark problem Answered

well for some reason ever since i installed windows the (" ")(' ') have not been working i have to hit the key twice then it comes out twice. or i press the quotation key then any letter or key and the two keys come out.


Just these keys are dodgy, they work sort-of but not very well?
Sounds like a defective keyboard at the moment.


well it worked fine until after i reinstalled windows there is also this key but this makes my text smaller

Strange, the wiki-superscript character is a caret (on 6?). I don't know, USB - dodgy-drivers? Wireless - replace battery? L

this is a laptop not wireless/removable keyboard so i guess i will recheck the drivers.

. hmmmmm I was thinking you had a background app that was changing your input to curly-quotes, but the caret thing doesn't fit with that. . I'm with L, check your batteries if you have a wireless kybrd and double-check your drivers. Might help to unplug the kybrd and plug it back in (turn the poer off if it has a round connector).


9 years ago

Do you have some strange language setting that is interpreting the ' as an accent modifier? I know to type accented characters there is some key combination like Ctrl+Alt+' followed by e to type an e-acute (which I would put in but 'Ibles won't let me- type Alt+0233 to see what I mean). Make sure your keyboard language setting is English (US) and see if it still happens.