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RAMSR Answered

Say hello to RAMSR, the most efficient mag fed pin sniper to date. It has a rubber butt plate, a folding bipod, scope, true trigger, cheek rest, a shell ejecting system, and an internal magazine. it also has a pin guide and fake bolt action. the mag holds 7 red rods, or 4 red rods with shells. Shoots hard. (RAMSR= Reconaissance Advanced Master Sniper Rifle)

Should I post?
EDIT: I modded it so it almost never jams, and I fixed all of the problems with the shell system. I also gave it a better trigger. the pin bends too much for my liking. it has a pin guide. help?


i think you should definitely post.

Looks great. The only thing I would suggest is a three-layer handle.


8 years ago

looks sweet!


8 years ago

wtf is this

It's my newest gun

It looks pretty good. I'd probably build it..

thanks! anything I should change?

Hmmm, i don't think soo...

k, let me know if you think something should be improved.


whats that supposed to mean?

haha , he just got pwnd...

To fix make the ammo a blue rod then go build td's shell system, never jammed, and i would say don't post.

mine is basically the same. my problem is the shots don't align with the snowflake at the end or the shell moves before the ram completes it's stroke.