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HI everyone....i am not a professional artist.. just an amateur but I'd like to know your honest feedback and rating  :) thanks


so where's the picture'

I can't see your picture... ???

You're a good young artist

Ink is the sign of a confident artist.

very nice art,, awesome

good creativity bro ,,, nice one

that was so nice

very nice buddy, you got a talent

no art school and still practicing.

My Tim Burton portrait


really good ! so close to awesome :)

That's nicely done. Try adding the image to the forum topic itself next time. Easier to solicit (and provide!) feedback that way.


3 years ago

very nice ! I like it

Its a wonderful portrait, the face and the expression are quite predominant which the plus point of your portrait. I loved this.

*good work (typo alert)

Keep up the god work

here is the portrait


Shadows are good. Try to make it better dude.

I think he's angry becase his toast is burnt.

It's actually good. It looks realistic because of the shadows. From 1-10, i'll rate it 10. :)

I was reading a Transformers comic book when I was inspired to draw this. I used mostly normal pencil, except I used some yellow marker on the eyes.


It's really great!! love how much you get out of that image, shadows and feelings etc!

I really like all the different textures that are used, the expressions are really captivating. Is that all penciled? Because if it is I think it would be fun to play around with inking it in. I don't know if that would turn out well at all so it is just a thought.

Either way it is really cool! Good job! I could only wish to draw that good.