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R/C Car Answered

Hi, I had this r/c car, but I had lost the top, can anyone help vme figure out what to do with it? how can I make a top with plastic? And sorry, but the pics were a little blurry, (the camera was out of focus) but you can still see the basic shape



8 years ago

put giant wheels and awsome shocks on it

that's a great idea! exept the chassis of the car won't allow that. the way that the front wheels are attatched, it won't work. great idea though, i'll definitely have to try that

ah is it the type with two prongs that attach to the steering mechanism?

yes, much like the real cheap rc cars, but this one was worth about $40 when it came out. i got a mustang one when they came out, i got this one at the san ann a long time ago. but yes, it has the cheap 1 pivot and sliding gear strip mechanism, it wouldn't work very well withut serious modification to the steering mechanisms. i am working on an "dub" escalade though, i need to find a scanner first, i need the drive belt from the reader bar.

(you wouldn't happen to have one, would you?)

I have a car much like that witth the same steering mech as you talk about,the shel is starting to crack from the amount of times ive drove it into a wall LOL

they should stop making all of these shells out of low grade plastic :P
i have a $100 nsx-r R/C car, even the plastic on that is easy to break. (luckily it hasn't broken on me yet)

A slighly flexible rubber would be better and absorb crashes better,ive been tinkering with mine for a while and got it to spin a whole lot faster so i have more crashes :P

hey you wouldn't happen to know where i can get new tires? the ones on my car are just about balled and the ones on my dad's (he has the same car) are drying out. his has been in worse crashes than mine though, his slammed under a disposal bin. (it still works, but the car is sitting lower now)
i think it has 8cm or 8.5cm rims on it.

i dont know where to get new tires,maybe your local hobby shop can advise you?

there is actually only one hobby shop in Saskatoon, but the stuff they sell is really expensive, and most of what they sell in plain sight is model planes. you have to look deep into the store to find anything for ground rc's.

i chucked our all in one printer out a few weeks back

o well. i'll check the san ann later today :)


9 years ago

Search for the Instructable on how to make a tiny vacuum former- IIRC one of the uses mentioned was making tiny RC car bodies. Or you could hand-make one out of Shapelock or a similar mouldable plastic.

I could try the vacuum former, but the car is bigger than it looks, its about 4-5 inches long, an inch high, and about 1-2 inches wide. and where would i get shapelock and what is it?

You have a multitude of different things you could do with it. If you wanted to keep it intact, as a R/C Car, then simply create a new top for it using anything you have lying around the house. Another option, which would most amuse me, would be to shove a small toy mouse ontop of it and torment a kitten. Another option if you are into photography and electronics would be to strip it down and (to simplify the issue) attach it to a relay. With which you could use to trigger your camera with the R/C Controller.