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RC Monster Dump Truck, more or less homemade Answered

Wasnt sure where to post this exactly but here it is... Here are a couple pics of my more or less homemade rc dumpt ruck. The original rc vehicle was a jeep wrangler that got crushed underfoot. The body was a tonka monster dump truck that had been left outside too often and so all the pcbs and wires went bad. Not being one to let good parts go to waste I started piecing this with that and ended up taking....er, making, a Monster Dump (Truck). Its not quite done yet but I couldnt wait to try it out so I tied down what wasnt fastened yet and went to town with it.


You can edit your post to add the photos - they'll come out larger.

make an instructable!


9 years ago

Pics wouldve been nice eh Here