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RE: Colloidal silver generator upgrade. How can I ? keep my electrodes clean Answered

I made a colloidal silver generator that operates on 31.8 volts at .30 ma . It works good but I hate cleaning the electrodes every hour. How can I add a automatic switching device to swap power to my anode & cathode reversing power every so often to help keep my electrodes clean. any advise would be helpful. Thanks


I do so detest the fearmongers.
Deleberately discouraging people by mixing up METALLIC silver with properly made COLLOIDAL silver is shameful and people who do that should go and hide their heads in shame !!!

I have been using as much as 8 ounces of clear, NON-METALLIC, properly made CS every day for most of a year now to help with an illness that the all-knowing MDs were giving me meds for that nearly killed me.

I have a history of serious, life-threatening illnesses (including liver failure from metal poisoning BTW...) and since I've STOPPED using prescription meds and used ONLY the CS that I make myself I have ONLY become healthier and healthier.

The collateral health GAINS from using it are SO numerous that I cannot keep track of them !!!

I have an elderly friend with chronic UTIs who is dying because his brilliant Dr. scared him away from using CS with this same fear-stuff; whereas it is well documented that CS is a prime treatment for a UTI and works almost 100% of the time - for good.

Suppressing info that can heal people in favor of profits STINKS and I cannot even think of a response to that sort of behaviour which is nasty ENOUGH.

Awful. Just awful. Shameful. Dreadful. Unkind and inhumane.

you could just build a manual switching circuit in front of your DC power source. Also, Alternating current (AC) will not function in electrolysis.

I need a auto swapping electronic switching device to swap power to my anode & cathode reversing power every so often to help keep my electrodes clean. still makes excellent silver . But I have to clean it every hour ,& manuly switching the - & + electrodes. also I found the key to producing the best silver is. You can automatically control the current by adding a 'current limiting diode'. Insert the diode in series with the positive lead of the CS generator (anode), be sure that the little stripe on the diode is pointing toward the power supply side of the circuit and not toward the electrode or alligator clip leading to the electrode. Using the current limiting diode will allow the current to maintain at a set amount. Many people that brew their own CS, limit there current to stay under 1 ma. I've done a lot of experimenting and actually prefer keeping the current much lower, around max .28 milliamps, using a 30VDC power supply. This keeps the solution crystal clear, which tells me that the end product has extremely small particles. thanks for your comments. Any place to find free schematics or plans

Periodically switching the positive and negative on the power source?

This sounds like AC to me.

On a related note, I do hope you are using the silver only to clean your skin or household surfaces.

Dissolved silver makes a wonderful topical disinfectant that is used in burn creams, wound dressings, catheter coatings, and even stink-resistant socks because of its ability to control some species of bacteria and fungi and because it has a low acute (one time) toxicity.

However, the fact remains that it is a heavy metal. If you eat metallic silver, it ionizes, forming compounds with proteins and various other chemicals. It accumulates mostly in the liver and spleen, but can also form permanent deposits in the muscle, skin, and brain and other organs if you consume more than your body can quickly eliminate.

Here is a literature review of the safety of various forms of silver. And here is a list of other journal articles on the use of silver as an antimicrobial that you can read for free.

So to summarize- like bleach, silver can be great for killing germs, but you probably do not want it in your body.