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RE: Dell Inspiron Laptop - The mouse cursor stays in the center of the screen and will not move. Any suggestions ? Answered



What are you using to try to move it?

If touchpad or joystick, make sure the drivers are loaded and turned on. If that doesn't solve the problem, contact Dell; they're the ones who know the details of your machine.

If external mouse, try another mouse. If that cures it, and the one you were using has a ball, try removing the ball and cleaning the sensors.

Does your laptop have a touchpad enable/disable button? Pretty sure Dell uses Synaptics touchpads... You could attempt reinstalling the driver... If you don't have an external mouse to use... navigate using the windows key... cursor keys, tab, space bar and enter button... If you navigate to control panel (windows key, cursor keys to control panel and enter) then you could also open the mouse/touchpad settings there...