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REAL Semi-Automatic True-Trigger Guns. Answered

If we Really Want to Create a Semi-Automatic True Trigger Knex Gun, We Need To Share Our Ideas. I Propose That We Create A Collaboration Or Forum In Which We Can Discuss The Creation Of Semi-Automatic Guns. Let Me Give You An Example: If Someone Creates A good Firing Mech, But is Having Trouble With the Handle, He Could Ask, and Recieve Help From A fellow Member. P.S (Srry For The Bad Grammar and Punctuation.) P.P.S (I Would Post Pics But The Instructables Uploading System is Unfriendly to me.)



I have got a desigen for a Lego knex hybrid gun that shoots rods in a full auto way I just need a Lego gear Rack 1x4

click on my name, the storm 220 v2 is coming soon!

:) semi auto, made, but i cant find a way 2 eject shells. pulled apart for a sniper rifle.

I am currently designing a Semi-Automatic gun that uses rubber bands on the bullet, this means you don't have to reload until you have shot say 5. I will try to keep you posted. P.S I made some mods on a knex gun and I got it going about 25 meters, is this good?

sounds good.


10 years ago

I've made a semi auto. Might post the mech over at KI. PS. Only capitalize the first word in each sentence.

Is it simple to build or is it pretty complicated

thats KI withc means knexinnovation its Mepain's website

Not Semi-Automatic. Semi-Automatic is when all you have to do is put bullets in and pull the trigger, and it fires. It is a good gun, i have made it before, but the loading time is too high.

oh, and i've also seen a "Knex Rifle" instructable copy of it, which says that its origional, when, suprise, its a copy of the origional. like almost ALL of the knex guns out there.

I had an idea- a knex gun with a huge mag and a hammer... i made it shoot, but it only went a foot, the mag was crap, and if i increased power and rubber bands either the hammer or trigger broke. message: hammers don't work.

yea i dont like the loading system to. but what ever. this could work. i just need to take pics of my semiauto designs.