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REAL airsoft gun? Answered

Can an all-metal airsoft gun be moddedto fire real ammo?



6 years ago

The Ruger 10/22 is a self contained fire arm. just one screw(2 on some models) holds the entire action and barrel in the stock and it is possible to hollow out an air soft gun (i.e. the FN P90) and safely install the total action and barrel asemmbly. It's also legal as long as you don't modify the action/barrel asembly AND the barrel is 16+ inches AND over all length is over 26 inches. Local laws may be diffrent on total length so it's best to check. You can look online at your states web site to find the rules on firearms.

there is no real way to make a real gun from an airsoft gun from scratch and have it work and be safe enough to be anywhere around to use. I have seen people take bodys from airsoft guns and put everything but the stock of a gun, namely a Ruger 10/22, into it. it looks just like whatever gun the airsoft gun was supposed to be, and it actually worked. I wouldn't suggest it though unless you are a gunsmith, just to be safe.

Quite simply, no. A real gun fires bullets, which are propelled by an explosion, which would tear the airsoft gun apart (yes, even an all-metal). Also, the barrel of an airsoft gun is fed with a bit of a T-bend, whereas a real gun is fed straight up into the barrel. In airsoft guns, there is no hammer to ignite the bullets propellant, as airsoft guns are powered by air, AIRsoft. You could, I suppose, put the whole mechanism inside the body of an airsoft gun, but not mod an airsoft gun to fire real rounds. Sorry, but it IS a cool idea.

 you would need:

a barrel insert to conver whatever gun you are firing so that the airsoft pellet can travel through it with some sort of accuracy. lets use an ak-47 or akm as an example. 

you would need a barrel insert with an outside diameter of 7.62mm and inside diameter of slightly larger than the outside diameter of an airsoft pellet, which is 6mm. 

you would then need to convert the internals to feed airsoft pellets, which would neccessitate a different bolt/carrier, fire control group (trigger, hammer, sear, etc) and a magazine that is compatible with said parts. 

its more expensive than buying an airsoft all-metal gun, and would waste a real ak, but its possible.

no, he's talking airsoft-to-real, not real-to-airsoft, as you've explained


8 years ago

They aren't built to be converted the metal alloy is too soft ant even if you do get it to shoot real ammunition it would probably melt the gun.