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Hello everyone, I was wondering Couldt someone mayby make a gun with a magg That has rubberbands in it + a bullet And then u make some trigger system that pushes smal railes Up with the firing stuff Inside the magg Thank y`all for reading and GOOD LUCK !!


What i mean whas Iff u wouldt make some smal bars That have the firing system On the bars, And u can then push those bars up. The rubberband While shoot Off once the bar comes above the Magg It then hits the bullets And the bullet fly`s away. I acctually mean. Some very very little gun Made into a bigger gun That while fire The little guns When ever YOU want it to.

Use better grammer, please.

Just because of someone's race doesn't mean you should be meaner or nicer, That is what leads to racism. Everyone is equal. Anyway who are you talking about? Agent harmsy is from australia.

Wouldn't matter that much though, English isn't my primary language either. =o
He might either be young or just bad in English.

I think he used a shoddy translator....

Nah that one would spell the words correctly and translations from Dutch to English are close to unreadable.

It`s acctualy when u pull the trigger, A smal gun in some sort of rails form will pop out release a rubberband That shoots a bullet. And when u pull thetrigger agian another rails thingy pops out and fires And drops so then it REALL REALLY a semi automatic gun. See it as some mini slingshots In mini form Where bullets are allready in, When u pull the trigger one slingshot mini format gun Will go out And fires a bullet. THX for ready and i hope y`all get it now ! FUN BUILDING !!

It's been done a million times before. These guns aren't even considered semi-auto by most people. It's just a lot of small guns stuck together.

You would've gotten banned on other forums for making a post like this.

Yeah i`am dutch xD

Imagen u have these very very simple created mini rails guns In a maggazine wit h sidewall that hold the orange connector. Then u make something that pushed one rail at a time up. Then on the top there`s no sidewalls for the orange connector. It releases a rubberband That fires the bullet. Then it shoots And rails mini gun, Falls out. REALL REALLY SEMI AUTOMATIC xD !!!!!!!


that would be a pseudo semi auto gun. And its been done before.

That wouldn't be "really really semi autmatic knex guns!!". It'd be pseudo...

I was thinking of doing that, but i never got it to work in magazine form. This would make the bullets more realistic as the power comes from the bullets instead of the gun