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REMOVE: Desktop Clutter Answered

Hey everybody I made a file organizing system..... I CALL IT: FILE ACCESS TERMINAL or FAT what a coincidence or is it ( Fat)?

I made it because my desktop was all cluttered It might take some time but it will make your daily computing easier, I hope. I made it on windows xp so if it doesn't work on other OS's sorry.
All it is is several folders with awesome icons.

All the instructions are in the ZIP file.

I will soon make it an actual program...
What it is right now seems cheese to me .....
Any Ideas ? Check it out ! post away !

NOTICE : Their seems to be a problem with th icons I will fix this asap !


Yeah, I finally found it: XP does this automatically, so in order to actually stop it, you have to disable it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320154

There are other trickier ways of doing this same thing, but be care with them, for instance, IUTweak from MS can do damage is you are not familiar with it or your OS.

I have XP, and I thought it came with a little "Icon" or "Shortcu" archiver that archives the ones you don't use often? If not, I am not sure where I obtained the one I have :-)

hmm Ahh I think I figured the problem I made the icons on my upstairs computer and then I tested it on the basement computer but the file path would have been the same because i have the same username on my computer as I do on EVIL mothers computer.....All th icons are located under the setting.... And actually that the automatic setup idea is what I am trying to do here But. You speak of this archive tell me more. (Please)

I am not "at home" right now, so I can't really look on my computer, and I can't find a reference to it anywhere else. But I know it runs once a month (I set it up that way) and looks to see if I have used an icon / shortcut a few times or no times, and if I am not using it, it asks if I want to store it in the archive folder on the desktop....thus clearing up the desktop a bit. If I remember, I will try to get the name and some reference to that program after I am home again. Sorry I can't be of more help.