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REQUEST: Mark Instructable as Video Only Answered

I would REALLY like to see a feature added to Instructables that would mark projects that only contain a video as "video only."

While I don't mind watching someone do something - sometimes that will help illustrate a point better than words ever could - for the most part I like to do this really weird thing called reading. I know in this day and age, the desire to read the printed word is seen as obsolete and old-fashioned, but surely I cannot be alone in this!

If I wanted to watch videos, I'd go to youtube. 99.99% of the time, if I click on a project and it's only a video, I click off of it, but by then, not only have I wasted that time (albeit even only a few seconds), I have also increased that project's view count.

Just my two cents, worth what it is in this economy...


I like to see both video and text. This is especially true if the video demonstrates the project in action. I really dislike when someone shows something that is motorized (trike, skateboard, camera slider, etc.) but doesn't show it working.

BTW, I usually skip video only projects as well.

Video-only projects are in a small and shrinking minority, so it's not that big an issue, really.

There used to be notations of the types of medium the instructables used--videos being among them.

That changed at some point since 2009, though I don't know when.

I agree and do the same thing! If I click an Instructable and find it's only a video; 99.99% of the time I click away.

I know what I don't like about video only instructables... Two things; one I would have to watch the video just to find out if it's something I am even interested in and two, I like getting the information at my speed, not necessarily at the speed the poster wants to deliver it.

That would block any instructable with a video, though, wouldn't it? Some (most?) of those also have text steps as well and I wouldn't want to block those.