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Your iPhone's harddrive is encrypted. Without a previous jailbreak, you're out of luck. I don't believe there is even a way to successfully remove the HD and do this either. (But I'm sure someone will say otherwise, if they know of a method).

I'm saying this also with the assumption you didn't create any backups.

I don't think all of the earlier iPods were encrypted... But even so, I would find the water damage more of a problem then the encryption. (of course, I still have access to some "tools" that aren't available to the public) ;)

I think KAT57 needs to provide some more information, in order for anyone to help further.

I think the answer should be this: it's possible. You wouldn't believe some of the data that can actually be recovered if you have deep pockets. However, even though it's possible, apple try's to make it impossible to get music off of an iPod, so the question is: is it worth it? And the answer I would give is: No. Unless you have $100,000 laying around and can actually manage to find someone who has a background in data recovery (I don't mean your local geek squad... I mean a person who can open a HD and place the platters in a new drive in their sleep), then no. It's not worth it. (even if you had the money, most of the people who could actually get that data probably worked for the government (if you're in the US) at one time or another. And if you did data recovery for the US gov, you do not want to be found. ;)

LOL... so true.

I hate to also be the one to say so, but there are methods of backing up one's music (and other data), to avoid such a problem in the first place.

KAT57, if you are unable to find a cost-effective solution, then when you get your next phone, consider keeping a regular back up. (I know, I know...) :D

Yep! Even though I know how to recover data, I always have at least 3 backups of my data. Sometimes even more depending on how important it is. :) There is no substitute for backups!

I do alot of stuff with computers and I couldn't agree more always backup. I backup extra often because most of my computer equipment is over 5 years old.

the point is i have no backup....so is there another way???? and its and IPHONE NOT IPOD

Um... read my original comment.

And by the way... an iPhone is just an iPod touch with a phone in it. Since you are talking music, people will tend to say iPod. I personally don't see the point in paying extra for a iPhone data plan, so I have a basic cell phone, and an iPod touch, so I will tend to say iPod, not iPhone. There really isn't a huge difference... only about 500 lines of code. (Which considering how many lines of code there are in the system to begin with, that isn't a lot.)

I don't think any of us saw your comment about not having a backup when we were on the conversation, and the reason we mention it is that some people don't even think about a backup that they made. So don't start getting mad at us... we are just trying to help. If you weren't able to get it to backup, that means something probably went wrong when you jail-broke it. Not a lot you can do unless you have deep pockets and just feel like shelling out a huge amount of money on it. Unless there is data on there that you can not get anywhere else and can not re-create or data you need as evidence in a criminal investigation, then there is no way that it will be worth it to recover the data.

I can tell you exactly how to recover the data:
1. Purchase a new iPhone.
2. Take the hard drive out of the new iPhone
3. Take the hard drive out of the old iPhone (be sure not to mix these up)
4. In a clean room, using proper procedures, take the platters out of the old hard drive.
5. Take the platters out of the new hard drive and throw them away (or do something with them), and then place the platters from the old hard drive in the new one.
6. Close up the new hard drive, and put it back into the new iPhone.
7. Your new iPhone should start up just like it did before you dropped it in water.

Sounds simple... right? Trust me, it's not. Unless you have access to a clean room and went to school for 4-6 years for data recovery (in which case you would not be asking how to do this), then you are out of luck with the DIY method. Notice I didn't actually explain the proper procedures for removing the platters? That's because it is so extremely intricate that I can't explain over the internet. Not to mention that portable devices like iPhones and iPods are about 100 times harder to transfer platters from than regular hard drives.

Long story short... don't jailbreak your phone next time so you can actually back up your data! (Live and learn!)

i know ipod iphone are pretty musch the same but dont know if it makes a differnce when u need to do something on it, that why im asking,

Not really. It's the same hardware... especially now that iPods have cameras in them. The problem that you are having is that you need the data off of the hard drive. The hard drives are the same. If there was that much of a difference, trust me, at least I would have been double checking to see which one you had. There really isn't a difference in the software either. Just a little bit of extra coding. (Or there might not be any difference. It might look at the hardware and if it doesn't have a phone, it loads the iPod system... so in other words, it might be the exact system on both.)

yes i know but i couldnt get it to back up with itunes... and hadnt got anything done yet.

what more do you need to know? it got wet, wont turn on, my music was not backed up because i was having problems getting it backed up on my laptop.
its iphone, 3g not ipod.. i just want to know if theres any way to get music off it back to computer or another phone.

if i had a backup i wouldnt be trying to find another solution

I'm sorry you're frustrated KAT57, but we are not professional tech support reps at Apple.

We're also not mind readers... You mentioned nothing about your iphone being jailbroken.

That being said, you could get a lot more help if you kept those things in mind and tried to remain a little more calm, polite and grateful that people here are willing to help.

I am calm, and im not rude, but from the answers i see people did not read what i asked. if i had backup i wouldnt have this problem obviously, right? so why mention it? since im not a tech either i had no idea that it makes a difference if its jailbroke or not..

Well then, can you tell me why you did a jailbreak?

The primary reason people do so, is to use SSH to transfer data to and from the iphone, or to simply have the ability to install 3rd Party Apps...

Have you tried to connect the iphone to your PC? What result did you get?

BTW, the reason to mention the backup is that many people create one and for whatever reason, it doesn't occur to them that they have this available. Also, if we were unable to help you, it would be something to consider for the future.

+1 remember that you are getting this advice for free... If you were paying us, then you could get frustrated, otherwise be happy with what you are getting... I personally feel you are being quite rude, and I am positive others feel the same way.

Not frustratred, not rude, just asking a question. but so far all ive gotten is nasty remarks from everyone.

Ok. Lets be clear about something. There have only been 3 people commenting here (aside from you) and the 3 of us have not been rude. So to lump us all into an "everyone" statement is incorrect and unfair.

If you feel I am wrong, then please, quote ANYTHING I have said that's been rude to you!

+1! I think it's you who have been rude to us! We didn't start complaining until you started shouting at us!