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RF Module signal is too weak Answered

Hello everyone!

I am trying to build an arduino RF remote control to clone my remote control for my wireless sockets.

I bought this RF module from ebay


At first I thought it was damaged because I wasn't getting any signal from the reciever. After many tries I touched the reciever with the remote and suddenly I got the codes (I want to recieve the codes, save them and then re-transmit them with the arduino). The same goes with the transmitter - the only way it works is when I hold it against my wireless socket. It means that the codes work but the signal is way too weak.

I tried hooking it up to different power sources- Arduino 5V, Arduino 3V, 12V 1000mA Adapter, and the original battery of the remote that states 12V 23A.

I tried making an antenna but nothing really works..

please help! thank you..


25mw is not that much power but it should be strong enough to go across the room at least. Do you have a link to the manual? An antenna should be exact size and the manual should have any instructions needed if an external/added antenna is needed.

I don't have a link to the manual (most of these things don't come with one). The thing is that my remote (and most remotes don't have any antennas.. It won't transmit even if the distance is one foot!

You can design to work, kind-of, without, or you can design to work with.

Everything like this has an antenna. But it may be so short that you don't realize that it is an antenna. But like Steve, I don't think there is one on what is pictured. What's the back of the units look like?

There's a bare pad on one board I see marked "ANT", I think its a clue thingy.....

You can try messaging the seller, they often have links to data sheets and manuals that they don't provide in the description for some reason.


An ideal 433 Mhz antenna would be 1/4 wave, or 300/433/4 or 17.2 cm long, mounted over a metal plate or twice that long in free air

Looking at it, there is NO antenna on the things !!!

I see both of you say it's the antenna so I'll try to make one even tho my rf remote does not have an antenna.. Hope it works thanks!