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RGB Connection - to - single color led strip Answered

Hello, I have done some research and didn't find answer to my question.

I have a sound sensitive coontroller with RGB conections, but I have led strip with a single color, so I has + / - wires. How to I connect the strips to controller?




2 years ago

What you are doing is like going from stereo sound to mono. RGB has 3 separate power channels, one for each color. If you connect any of those to a single white LED it will follow whatever pattern is being generated but only in white. Again like stereo you would only get the right or left channel. To get all the output just connect all 3 leads to the one white. I have a cheap controller probably like the one you are talking about and I don't remember it changing the colors much but more flashing the lights. The LED's will not get to much power as the voltages don't get added together. Like mixing stereo channels, you will only get a white light but that should vary and flash with the music.

By the way just to be clear, you will have 3 positive lines and one ground. connect the positives together but not with the ground, that might burn something out.