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RGB LED Bathroom shower light project problem. ? Answered

I finished two bathroom reno's with the exception of the shower ceiling light.

I started off by cutting 3 1/4: square 304 stainless steel plates and drilled out 4 holes in each for the rgb. Then assembled the rgb's into the housings and sealed them with hot glue. Then figured out the resistors based on 12 V which if memory serves me right they were 470 ohms and soldered them in parallel. Then I soldered the connectors and hot glued them so they wouldn't come in contact with each other.

After installing the ceiling tiles I drilled 2 1/4" wide X 2½" deep holes through the kerdi membrane and sealed a plastic cover with foam insulation in the attic. Then I roughed in rgb cable from one hole to the other, with a home run to the controller.

I tried doing a rough in trial run and it worked until one of the rgb�s burned out since they came in contact wth each other. I could actually hear it fizzle.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work or are there retrofit rgb units that will fit the opening without breaking the bank? Each bathroom has 6 rough openings. That would make it 6 x 2 = 12.

I'd like them to be rgb leds and be controlled via 12V adaptor and controller. If I need to start over again I have a budget of $150.00 if a another unit would work better.



My Dream

5 years ago

Thanks for the reply frollard:

I'm curious as to how you would connect 6 of these in parallel to a controller?

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My Dream

5 years ago

Thank you so much for the reply frollard, I was starting to give up hope.

I did some more investigation and the leads of two of the led's did in fact come in contact as I could see them fused together. I did a test run before installing them in the shower ceiling and they ran well, it's when I enclose them in the confind space that creates a problem. My limitation is space.

I'm limited with space since I need to create a vapour barrier in the attic as well protect it from the insulation.

Below is the type of controller I'm using which is connected to a 12V 2a adaptor.

Although I've put many hours into this project, I'm wondering if I should cut my losses and go with something like in the second image, It's 1 7/8" wide and although pricing is much higher then the present project, should I considier it?

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5 years ago

Leds need SERIES resistors not parallel resistors -- that sizzle could reasonable be the led itself 'quitting'.

I would recommend a controller like:
hundreds of watts>rf controller

ten watts> IR controller

LEDS themselves, you can mount any leds so long as they run on the controller's voltage -- probably 12v. On 12v you generally want 3-4 leds in series on each controller channel for efficiency. Use a site like http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz to calculate the ideal for each r, g, and b.

http://dx.com/p/3w-150-lumen-waterproof-rgb-led-underwater-lamp-light-12v-46683 strikes me as a good idea, already waterproof. Just make sure they are wired common anode/cathode correctly for whatever controller you decide on.