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R.I.P Les Paul =( Answered

Les Paul died today, August 13th. The legendary guitarist reached 94 years old before he passed away from respiratory faliure. The guitar, the best gibson guitar and the one that made the rock and roll sound all possible is his namesake, and yet he doesn't get nearly as much media coverage as Michael Jackson. Why? Michael Jackson didn't write most of his material, and Les Paul has revolutionised modern music as it is today. Quincy Jones made it all possible for the singer, and the one with talent who is much older and more talented barely gets a mention on the morning radio. Here, I pay homage to a fellow guitarist, and inspiration.

R.I.P Les Paul! =(


Micheal Jackson, Billy Mays, the one women(What's her name) And know Les Paul. Who's next?

Farrah Fawcet... and I don't know :( It's all happening this year lol...

and I don't know
The Jonas brothers or Hannah Mantanner perhaps?

I'll get a pair of earplugs and a bazooka. Nobodies perfec... ( drops down dies from bullet wound.)

wait for them to get on live TV first (together - concert), then, boom! drop bombs on their puny little heads.

Try for something a little more strong then knex It will get the job done nice and good.

Les paul ruined the fad! The fad was that all celebrities 50 yrs old die this year. Nevermind....

Seriously, Dj, get a life. Ever since the death of MJ you have been so happy that all these celebrities are dying. IT'S NOT FUNNY, GOOD, OR HAPPY.

Do you think Im laughing at their deaths? Youre wrong. I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH PEOPLE MISUNDERSTAND ME!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??????????????????????????????????????????

No wtf is wrong with you? It's the way your wording everything. Your acting like a death is nothing. You not caring. And even if you don't care, don't express it. Just don't comment.

I am like this because I know for a fact that everyone dies at some point. Sure its sad, BUT I GET OVER IT. Do we post a forum topic for every single person who has died, isnt related to the poster, and the poster doesnt know that well? No, no we dont. I may be sounding insensitive here, but I don't care. I have a point to make first.

Uhhmm... we do get over it. You just can't handle the fact, that it's becoming so frequent, that most people can't stop mourning.


8 years ago

Les Paul, we salute you!

R.I.P. Thank god the Gibson Les Paul was invented.

As you so crudely put it.


Also slightly sad that he couldn't persuade people to stick with his prototype's brick-shape.

This is sad. He influenced all Rock and Roll (and derivative types of music), more than most people can imagine.

(A moment's silence)

he was a great man with great talent and he died at an old age so he lived a good long life

i said he died at a old age i didnt say he died because of it next time read it over AGAIN

Which part of silentassasin21's comment do you think is wrong?

Rock In Peace Les Paul... :'(

RIP Les Paul. Gone but never forgotten....

R.I.P Les Paul, you were one of my fav guitarists

Another one... I wouldn't have known otherwise. L

Precisely; the media doesn't recognise talent! The more popular or widely known someone is, the more media coverage (s)he gets. Les paul sadly wasn't known as widely as Michael Jackson, or even that Billy Mays guy. Probably because he was a jazz player, and as my jazz band teacher says: "In rock, you play 3 chords to thousands of people. In Jazz, you play a thousand chords to 3 people".

While I personally think comparing the two is an insult to Les Paul, it's silly to compare the media coverage of any two deaths. If you use mass media as your yard stick for personal or artistic worth, you'll be doomed to a lifetime of disappointment. Indeed, I don't think that's the role media should, or does play.

For one thing, LP just died yesterday and I've seen reports on three major news networks.

For another, MJ not only sold a ton of music, his life was a circus of the weird. Scandal, drug use, parental abuse, sexual allegations, etc.

I'm sick to death of it, but his story is a perfect media storm.

brilliant guy R.I.P

i got guitar hero 3 legends of rock and the guitar you get is a les paul one R.I.P

Oh no! I didn't know he died! Rest In Peace.

truly rest in peace Les Paul.:(


8 years ago

Great songwriter, great inventor, great guitarist. Cool guy. Speaking as an owner of a '73 Les Paul, he's already missed...

He was truly a maker. Guitars, multitrack recording, effects,...